ECDA Fellows

About ECDA Fellows

The EC​DA Fellows programme is one of ECDA’s key initiatives to recognise pinnacle leaders in the early childhood p​​rofession and expand opportunities for these leaders to further develop their careers and to fulfil their aspirations.


The ECDA Fellows are a select group of exemplary early childhood professionals with high levels of leadership and professional expertise. They work closely with ECDA to drive quality improvements of the sector, develop sector-wide resources, inspire and contribute to the professional growth of the current and next generation of early childhood leaders.



Meet our 25 ECDA Fellows!



Ms Alicia Lim

District Head, PCF Sparkletots

Mrs Ang-Oh Chui Hwa

Principal, Far Eastern Kindergarten

Ms Ava Wang

Senior Quality Specialist, My First Skool

Ms Christine Soo

Senior Lecturer, National Institute of Early Childhood Development

Ms Chua Lay Mui

Executive Principal, PCF Sparkletots

Mrs Dianne Swee - Seet

Principal, Ascension Kindergarten

Mrs Elsie Tan - Chua

Principal, Living Sanctuary Kindergarten

Mrs G. Padhmavathi Rajendran

Senior Tamil Language Specialist, PCF Sparkletots

Dr Geraldine Teo-Zuzarte

Vice President, Curriculum & Research, Pre-School By-The-Park

Ms Hephzi Tee

Principal, Hebron Christian Preschool

Dr Jacqueline Chung

Academic Director, Anglican Preschool Services

Ms Kathryn Goy

Executive Principal, PCF Sparkletots

Dr May See

Senior General Manager, M.Y World Preschool

Ms Melissa Goh-Karssen

Acting Assistant Director, English Professional Development, NTUC First Campus

Ms N. Kannigadevi

Assistant Director, Development and Care & Special Needs Mentor, Presbyterian Community Services

Ms N. Thamarai

Senior Cluster Quality Manager, My First Skool

Ms N. Pushpavalli

Honorary Mentor Principal, Ramakrishna Mission Sarada Kindergarten

Ms Ong Siew Teng

Manager (Human Capital, Early Childhood), PCF

Ms Rebecca Han

Curriculum Manager, Odyssey the Global Preschool (Busy Bees Asia)

Ms Seri Rahayu Binte Ariff

Executive Principal, PCF Sparkletots

Ms Shirley Tan

Executive Director, Catholic Preschool Education (Singapore) Ltd

Ms Stella Pereira

Cluster Director, The Little Skool-House International

Ms Suhana Binte Salleh

Principal & Senior Specialist Quality and Professional Development, Iyad Perdaus Child Development

Ms Sylvia Yeo

Cluster Quality Manager, My First Skool

Ms Zaiton Bte Mohd Ali

General Manager, Iyad Perdaus Ltd