Early Childhood Learning Communities

Early Childhood Learning Communities (ECLC)

The ECLC is a platform for senior educators with passion for direct teaching practice to advance their pedagogical practices and knowledge in key domain areas, through peer sharing and learning at sector level. Senior educators who join Learning Communities as core members will also be known as Pedagogist And Specialist in Teaching and Learning (PASTEL). They will be nurtured to become future pedagogical leaders, and go on to lead Communities of Practice (CoPs) for other educators in future.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Minimally meet the relevant competencies and skills required for “Senior Infant Educator”, “Senior Early Years Educator”, “Senior Preschool Educator” (Note: Occupational Title should be accurately reflected in ONE@ECDA at point of application)
  • Learning Support (LS) Track: Senior Learning Support Educator/Lead Learning Support Educator/Senior Lead Learning Support Educator
  • Early Intervention (EI) Track: Senior Early Intervention Educator/Lead Early Intervention Educator/Senior Lead Early Intervention Educator;
  • Be employed under a licensed Early Childhood Development Centre (ECDC) or ECDA-funded Early Intervention Service Provider(s) at the point of application;
  • Possess a valid Letter of Notification (LON) issued by ECDA or relevant EC/EI qualifications.
  • Able to provide strong evidence of past and/or present records of experiences and involvements in domain area applied for

ECLC Domain Areas

For 2024-2025, there are learning communities on the following domain areas.

Customised Professional Development Opportunities and Support for PASTELs

During the two-year membership, PASTELs can look forward to:

  • An induction programme organized by ECDA
  • Regular participation in their Learning Community with other like-minded educators
  • Opportunities to lead a CoP for other educators
  • A professional dialogue with local/overseas domain experts
  • A professional exchange among core members
  • Other professional development opportunities fully funded by ECDA
  • An experienced Resource Person who will lead each domain area’s Learning Community
  • A Professional Development grant of $1,500 for self-selected courses and resources relevant to pedagogical leadership

Employers of PASTELs will receive an annual manpower relief fund of up to $800 for every ECLC PASTEL.

ECLC 2022 List of Pastels

Congratulations to our inaugural batch of PASTELs whose ECLC membership is from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2024.

Learning Community of Early Years Competencies

Ong Shu Na ReenaE-Bridge Pre-School
Lai Mei SumNTUC First Campus Limited
Intandahlia Binte KamisOdyssey, The Global Preschool
Amatthunnoor Bte Haja MohideenPCF Sparkletots
Fauziah Hanim Binte HassanPCF Sparkletots
Mohamed Elias IlaheenisaPCF Sparkletots

Learning Community of Outdoor Learning

Koh Ee RuE-Bridge Pre-School
Siti Nur Hajar Bte RadzuanGlobal EduHub
Lim Yi Xuan RachelHebron Christian Preschool
Tessa Rim Shi HuiMy First Skool
Wu QiulinM.Y World Preschool
Karen ChiaNTUC First Campus Limited
Kee Kah Ying PersisNTUC First Campus Limited
Lai Lee Yeng (Li Liying)NTUC First Campus Limited
Faridah Bte RazaliPCF Sparkletots
Norafridah Binte BabaPCF Sparkletots
Norida Bte SalehPCF Sparkletots
Teoh Yi PingPCF Sparkletots
Siti Nazurah Mohd YunosSGM Murni
Noorfaziha Binte Md AbdollahSkool4Kidz
Siti Subaidah Binte SupandiSkool4Kidz

Learning Community of Social & Emotional Development

Tan Ee Teng EudoraAnglican Preschool Services
Zurhidah Binte MatsidahE-Bridge Pre-School
Nurliza Binte Mohd ShahEnfant Educare Pte Ltd
Farah Mashhur AliIyad Perdaus Ltd
Murni Hattin MubarakIyad Perdaus Ltd
Crystal Goh Li PingMaplebear Headstart Private Limited
Sharifah Nooraishah Binte Sayed ZaabaMOE Kindergarten
Poh Jia YiNTUC First Campus Limited
Sharon ChanOdyssey the Global Preschool
Law Su Jun VeronPAP Community Foundation
Nadarasan SumathiPCF Sparkletots
Noreisah Bte AzizPCF Sparkletots
Shariffah Nadiah Binte Syed Ahmad MushayahPCF Sparkletots
Tan Chiew HoonPCF Sparkletots
Tay Gek Kee JanicePCF Sparkletots
Yap Chwee LuanPCF Sparkletots
Lim Hong Li SharonSDM Education Group
Ng Hui YingSDM Education Group

Learning Community of Language & Literature

Krishnapriya d/o Shamnugu NathanEtonHouse Preschool Pte Ltd
Mohammad Aizat Bin HashimMosaic Preschool
Siti Daliana Binte SadaliNTUC First Campus Limited
Chin Lay Ying, Claren (Qian Liying, Claren)PCF Sparkletots
Choo Buay NgorPCF Sparkletots
Kartini Binte SudirmanPCF Sparkletots
Lim Kiat YinPCF Sparkletots
Mehrunisa d/o Syed IsmailPCF Sparkletots
Norwidiati NorsadPCF Sparkletots
Poorani ArutselvanPCF Sparkletots
Siti Salmi Binte SumriPCF Sparkletots
Sowmya SankariyerPCF Sparkletots
Tan Pei JunPCF Sparkletots
Siti Nur Amalina Binti Mohammed HashimSkool4kidz
Deepa BhattSingapore Khalsa Association

2023 ECLC Communities of Practice (CoP) by PASTELs

The inaugural ECLC CoPs led and facilitated by PASTELs aim to engage other educators in peer sharing on pedagogical knowledge and best practices on a topic of interest from a key domain area.

Application for the 2023 ECLC CoP has closed, interested participants may look forward to new CoP topics in 2025!

Educators who are currently on the PDP (Teacher/ Leader/ Educarer) are not eligible to join ECLC. Only participants who have completed their PDP may apply. This is to ensure that educators are  able to better manage the commitment level of the programme they are currently pursuing.

Educators who are currently studying are not eligible to join ECLC. Only participants who are slated to complete their studies before ECLC commences may apply. This is to ensure that educators are able to better manage the commitment level of the programme they are currently pursuing.

The ECLC is targeted at senior/lead educators and above, including pedagogical and curriculum specialists who are currently in direct teaching practice. Educators who are in management or centre leadership roles may be considered depending on their track records and past experiences in the selected domain area.

All educators are to select only one domain area that they wish to join during each ECLC membership term of two years.

Core members are expected to meet in their LCs, led and facilitated by a Resource Person (RP) for a minimum of eight hours annually. The frequency and duration will be decided by the RP based on the learning needs of each LC, after the ECLC officially commences.

The ECLC RPs are officially appointed by ECDA for their expertise and experience in specific domain area. They are either curriculum specialists from MOE or faculty members and lecturers from Institutes of Higher Learning, which offer Early Childhood courses.