Preschool Search

Preschool Search

Finding the right preschool made easier 

ECDA has enhanced the preschool search journey for parents, now available through the LifeSG app or website, your one-stop portal for Government services. This new search tool makes it easier for parents to locate preschools near their homes, workplaces, and even their child’s caregivers' homes. 

What's New? 

With the preschool search feature, parents can now have more certainty as they directly engage with centres for enrolment. This means a smoother and more personalized experience in finding the best fit for your child's early education.

About LifeSG 

The Preschool Search feature is hosted on LifeSG, which offers quick and easy access to over 100 digital government services. LifeSG is designed to simplify your access to essential services, making it convenient for you to manage various aspects of your family's needs. 

How to Access the Preschool Search 

To start your preschool search, simply download the LifeSG app or access the LifeSG Website. Once you're on the platform, navigate to the 'Services' tab and click on 'Search for a preschool'. It's that easy! Click on the guide below if you need more information.

Upcoming Preschools 

Planning ahead for your child’s early childhood care and education? Find out more about new preschools in your area.