Support Schemes for Non Anchor Operators

Support Schemes

The Support Schemes were introduced in 2013 to support operators to provide good quality and affordable preschool services. These operators complement Anchor Operators and Partner Operators to provide a range of preschool types to meet the overall demand for such services in Singapore, and cater to parents and children with varying needs and preferences.

In March 2020, ECDA has extended and enhance the Support Schemes to provide more support to non-Anchor Operator and non-Partner Operator centres to help defray expenses in the following areas: infrastructure, rental, as well as teaching & learning resources. With these enhancements, the Support Schemes will continue to benefit operators, families and children.

Details on the individual schemes can be found below:

Support for SSA childcare operators at HDB Open Selection Process sites

For more details, please visit Tender Sites for SSAS

Infrastructure Support

Infrastructure Support Grant is available for non-AOP operators that set up new childcare centres at / through:

Recurrent Support

For non-AOP/non-POP childcare or kindergarten centres:


Operators may submit completed application forms to sector_funding@ecda.gov.sg, at any time throughout the year. Please note that you only need to submit one application form even if you are applying for more than one support scheme.

FAQs and Enquiries

For further enquiries, please contact sector_funding@ecda.gov.sg​ or call our hotline at 67359213.