Portable Rental Subsidy 

Portable Rental Subsidy

The Portable Rental Subsidy (PRS) was introduced in 2013 to defray rental costs of childcare centres. With effect from March 2020, ECDA will enhance the funding amounts under the PRS.

Portable Rental Subsidy

Meant for

Non-AOP/non POP childcare or kindergarten centres.

Scheme-specific Eligibility Conditions
  • Centres must be located in areas where there is with unmet demand for preschool service.
  • Centres must not located in HDB void desk sites or be on URA's Community/Sports Facilities Scheme.
  • Centres must keep fees for Singapore Citizen children within the following monthly fee caps (before GST):
    • Full-day childcare: $850
    • Full-day infant care: $1,450
    • Kindergarten: $210
  • Existing centres are required to attain SPARK certification within one year; newly-established centres are required to attain SPARK certification within two years. All centres must maintain their SPARK certification for the rest of their funding tenure.
  • Existing centres must have at least 24-month licence tenure at the point of application; newly-established centres must attain 24-month licence tenure after their 1st year of operation (i.e. upon licence renewal).
Types of OperatorCommercialSSA
One-off Development Grant40% of rental costs; capped at $19.60psm per month (whichever is lower).80% of rental costs; capped at $36.50psm per month (whichever is lower).
One-off F&E GrantAbove PRS amount will be provided to centres on a recurrent basis throughout the scheme's entire tenure (i.e. three years). Upon expiry, centres have the option to re-apply, on the prevailing terms.

Application Process

You may submit the completed application form to sector_funding@ecda.gov.sg. Please note that you only need to submit one application form even if you are applying for more than one support scheme.