Early Years Development Framework

Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) 2023

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The Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) guides early childhood educators working with children from birth to three years in centre-based childcare settings. It sets a clear direction for educators to support our children’s learning and development by adopting key guiding principles and developmentally appropriate practices. EYDF has been revised to be more child-centric, with a continued emphasis on holistic development and positive outcomes for children in the early years.

EYDF 2023 gives greater prominence to four areas of development, namely cognitive, communication and language, physical, and social and emotional. Developmental goals for infants and toddlers are provided to serve as a reference in designing the learning environment and planning developmentally appropriate learning experiences. EYDF 2023 also outlines five principles, encapsulated in the acronym C.H.I.L.D, to guide educators in the implementation of meaningful experiences and influence the way they interact with children.

The Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) Educarers’ Guide (EG)

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The Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) Educarers’ Guide (EG) comprises good suggested practices, activities and tips on child development for the early years. Theories behind the suggested practices and their relevance in supporting the development of children from birth to three years, are also included. Educators are encouraged to use the guide to reflect and improve their practices. Centre Leaders can also refer to it when leading their teams in professional discussions.

The review of the EYDF EG is currently ongoing. Stay tuned for further updates.

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