Early Years Development Framework

The Early Years Development Framework (EYDF)

The Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) was developed to help childcare centres cultivate appropriate care and development practices, as well as create nurturing environments for young children aged three years and below.

It describes desired outcomes, key principles and practices for young children's holistic development and learning. The Framework provides educators with broad guidelines to plan and deliver culturally and developmentally appropriate experiences, strengthen home-centre partnerships, enhance professional development and foster community networking. The English and Chinese language versions of the EYDF are available below:

English language

Chinese language

The Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) Educarers’ Guide (EG)

The  Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) Educarers' Guide comprises good suggested practices, activities and tips on child development for the early years. Theories behind the suggested practices and their relevance in supporting the development of children aged three years and below, are also included. ‚ÄčEducators are encouraged to use the guide to reflect and improve their practices. Centre Leaders can also refer to it when leading their teams in professional discussions.

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