Monitoring and follow up

3. Monitoring and follow up

For children recommended placement in an EI programme, you may wish to liaise with EC educators to check in with parent and confirm that the child has been successfully enrolled into the programme.

If the EI programme is delivered outside of the preschool setting (e.g., EIPIC), it will also be helpful for parent to connect the EC educator with the EI provider. This will facilitate collaborative partnership between EC and EI professionals who are both supporting the child.

Find out more about EC-EI teaming in Domain 4 on “Coordinating Support for Children with DN in Preschool”!

Internally within your centre, we recommend regular discussions among centre leader and EC educators on the possible supports available for the children and their families. This will also allow the EC educators to update the ICO and centre leader on the development of the children who are receiving EI intervention and if alternative supports or referrals need to be considered. This ensures that the child continues to receive some form of support in the centre, if needed, to ensure the gains in development are sustained.

Case discussion and review meetings are essential component to be planned for as part of the centre-level process to support children with DN in the centre.

Where necessary, these meetings should also involve the professionals working with the child (e.g., LSEds, EI educator, Social Worker) and the parents/caregivers to promote communication and collaboration among the stakeholders. Check out
Domain 4 for tips on conducting effective meetings!