Identifying and referring children with developmental needs

Identifying and referring children with developmental needs

As early childhood professionals, you and your fellow educators are trained in child development and are aware of the developmental milestones at each age. In your day-to-day interaction with children in your centre, you may observe that some children seem to require more support than their peers. This could lead to further conversations with the parents to identify the child’s needs and possible next steps.

As an ICO, you can play a part by familiarising yourself with your centre’s processes and working with your centre leader to ensure that the centre has:

A. Systematic process to identify children who may potentially require EI support; and
B. Structured approach to facilitate and follow through with child’s access to EI support

This section provides a general framework for your reference, as you review and enhance the centre-level workflows in your centre. You may refer to the Learner’s Guide for detailed workflows.

1. Identifying children with DN
  • 1.1 Identification process
  • 1.2 Screening tools
2. Facilitating access to EI support
  • 2.1 Parent engagement
  • 2.2 Facilitating referral to a suitable programme
3. Monitoring and follow up

This section is jointly contributed by:

  • • Ms Deniece Bidhiya (NTUC First Campus)
  • • Ms Jennifer Tan (KKH)
  • • Ms Winnie Lim (SPD)