Developing yourself as an ICO

Developing yourself as an ICO

Congratulations! You have started on a new milestone in your early childhood career.

With Singapore’s early childhood sector embracing inclusive practice, you are in the position of strength to coordinate for your centre’s move to include children with additional needs.

Your role is key to members of the early childhood fraternity and families in the community. To begin, your role is vital. You are the connector, collaborator, and communicator. Do you realise that you are the go-to-person for your school with regard to information about inclusive practice?

When you have settled into your ICO role and feel ready to develop yourself further, you will find this domain relevant in how you can deepen your skills and knowledge as an ICO. The impact you can make is far reaching, and this begin with the first step…developing self and recognising that you have both strengths and areas of opportunities.

This section will touch on 2 core competencies you can keep in mind:

This section is contributed by:

  • Dr Lucy Quek (NIEC)