Teachers' Day 2020

Teachers Day 2020 Activity Book for Preschoolers

What makes a preschool teacher so much more than just a teacher for our little ones?

This Teachers’ Day, we invited preschoolers and their parents to talk about a very special person. Based on what they said, we created an extraordinary Teachers’ Day card, and a heartwarming video. Watch to discover what they have to say.

To all our Early Childhood Educators, thank you for everything you have been doing to provide the best support for our little ones this challenging year. Happy Teachers’ Day!


Activity Book for Preschoolers

Teachers Day 2020 Activity Book for Preschoolers

Through the different activities in this activity book, we want to help preschoolers appreciate and thank their teachers! In this book, preschoolers can recognise how their teachers do more than just teach. They also care for, protect and nurture them.

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