Submission of Local Qualifications in OpenCerts format for Teacher Certification ONE@ECDA

13 May 2022

  1. OpenCerts was launched by our Government in the year 2019. It is a platform that allows local schools to issue tamper-resistant digital academic certificates to students, and for verifying the authenticity of those certificates.

  2. The digital certificates currently available are listed in Table A below.

    Table A

  3. Singaporeans and Permanent Residents may retrieve their digital certificates through the Skills Passport ( in MySkillsFuture portal.

  4. Starting from 4 Jul 2022, preschools applying teacher certification for staff (both employed and pre-employed) who possesses the local qualifications listed in Table A are required to submit their qualifications in OpenCerts format only in ONE@ECDA. For local qualifications that are not listed in Table A, preschool centres can continue to submit scanned copies of their certificates in PDF files, but are required to sight the original documents before submitting to ECDA.

  5. More details will be provided to preschools via email soon.​