Mask It Up!

PCF MacPherson
Children from PCF Macpherson

PCF Sparkletots @ MacPherson Blk 53 & 54 organised 'Mask It Up!' on Friday, 1 April, as one of their "Start Small Dream Big" community projects this year.

The K1 and K2 children, along with their teachers and parents, spent the morning handing out N95 masks to residents around their neighbourhood. They visited the nearby market and hawker centre, where they handed out N95 masks to everyone, from market stall holders to cleaners, young and old.

The little ones encouraged the residents to put on the N95 mask whenever they feel unwell, to prevent the spread of viruses. The N95 masks would also be useful during the haze season, to protect them from air pollution.

PCF MacPherson

PCF MacPherson

PCF MacPherson

The children also helped to spread awareness on the dengue situation by distributing NEA's 'Fight Dengue' pamphlets. They even went to nearby blocks of flats to slot the pamphlets into letterboxes.

PCF MacPhersonPCF MacPherson

The tiny ambassadors were initially shy to approach the residents. However, after experiencing the power of giving, they gained the confidence to step up to members of the community, and gamely spread their big smiles and well-meaning messages to them.

"I want to give it to everyone at the market!"

"I think that auntie needs a mask..."

"I like giving!"

These were among the remarks made by the children during their 'mission'.

PCF MacPhersonPCF MacPherson

Parents were pleased to see the children having fun and smiling while interacting with the residents. They were also happy to see positive reactions from the community. They felt that it was an effective way to get the message across, especially to the elderly, who may otherwise have never owned an N95 mask or may not be aware of the importance of dengue prevention.

The residents who received the masks were thankful and praised the children for their thoughfulness!

Mask it Up!