Home-Based Learning Resources From Preschools 2020

Home-based learning

Dear Parents


In the words of Dawn Lantero “Time spent playing with children is never wasted” as this is the best time to understand your children. The Circuit Breaker started on 7 April and the school holidays have somewhat brought you closer to your children at home. Be it playing or learning together, the time spent together has certainly been memorable for you and your children. We think they would be so eager to share their thoughts with their friends and teachers when they finally get to meet one another again in school.


We are grateful to the many preschools that have shared their home-based learning resources generously with everyone since the start of the Circuit Breaker. Indeed, the proverb of “More hands make light work” comes true whenever we are faced with challenging situations.  The high volume of access to Grow@Beanstalk has been heartening and encouraging to us and we hope you have found the resources useful and meaningful.


The school holidays will come to an end soon and here is the last upload of resources contributed by Ace@Work, PCF Sparkletots, and YWCA.  We want to thank all the Anchor Operators (AOPs) and the Partner Operators (POPs) once again for their generous contribution of these meaningfully prepared home-based learning resources for the past weeks.


We wish to acknowledge the following AOPs and POPs, once again:


  • E-Bridge
  • MY World
  • My First Skool
  • PCF Sparkletots
  • Skool4Kidz
  • Ace@Work
  • Agape Little Uni
  • Kidz Meadow Early Childhood Centres
  • Little Footprints Preschool
  • Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapore (PPIS)
  • Presbyterian Community Service
  • Safari House
  • Star Learners
  • Small Wonder, Busy Bees Asia
  • The Little Skool-House International
  • Young Woman’s Christian Association (YWCA)


As we enter Phase 1 of post Circuit Breaker, let’s continue to engage and bond with our children for “The surest way to a child’s heart is to spend time with them.” ~ Kevin Heath.


Home activities by Ace@Work:

Home activities by Agape Little Uni:

Home activities by E-Bridge Pre-School:

Home activities by EtonHouse International Education Group:

Home activities by Kidz Meadow Early Childhood Centres:

Home activities by Little Footprints Preschool::

Home activities by MOE Kindergarten:

Home activities by My First Skool:

Home activities by MY World:

Home activities by PCF Sparkletots:

Home activities by Persatuan Pemudi Islam Singapura (PPIS) Child Development Centre:

Home activities by Presbyterian Community Services:

Home activities by Safari House Preschool:

Home activities by Skool4Kidz:

Home activities by Small Wonder - Busy Bees Asia:

Home activities by Star Learners:

Home activities by The Little Skool-House International Pte Ltd

Home activities by Young Woman's Christian Association (YWCA)