Building and Construction Authority (BCA)



The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) has developed new resources to encourage young children to play part in greening their homes and schools to support sustainable living.

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Does your child remember to watch her steps when entering the lift or hold on to the handrails when riding the escalator? This new skit with catchy rhymes and tunes has been launched by BCA Singapore and MNDSingapore to teach young children safety tips when using the lifts and escalators!

The skit is presented by Hitachi Elevator Pte Ltd and supported by the Singapore kindness and Singapore Lift and Escalator Contractors and Manufacturers Association.

For more tips on lift safety, visit BCA's website.

The Adventures of Greco & Beco - The School in the Glass City

Alex is not just mean to his schoolmates Bucky and Gaia; he also doesn't think twice about wasting natural resources! When things get out of hand, Greco and Beco decide to intervene. With the help of a little magic, they transport Alex forward in time. The Singapore of 2047 looks picture-perfect, but is it really?

Follow Greco and Beco as they reveal the key to a sustainable future.



The Adventures of Greco & Beco - The Glass House

Children will learn about sustainability and what makes a building green in this colourful storybook specially developed by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA).


Visit the BCA website and BCA Green Buildings Facebook page for more information.