Beanstalk Issue 4 (Jul - Sep 2014)


In this issue of Beanstalk, we talk to parents and early childhood professionals on what truly matters in a child’s formative years. Learn about the frameworks available to support and enhance pre-school children’s learning. Take a look at Play@National Museum of Singapore— an interactive space where children learn about their culture and heritage in a fun and engaging way. You’ll also get a sneak preview of ECDA’s Early Childhood Conference 2014 for educators and parents on 19 and 20 September!


  1. COVER STORY - The Incredible early years
  2. EC LANDSCAPE - ECDA Early Childhood Conference 2014, Framing Childhood
  3. INNOVATION & RESEARCH - When A Child Is Too Wired, Singapore's Little Treasures
  4. MY TEACHER, MY SCHOOL - Turning Museums Into Classrooms
  5. IN THE NEWS - Igniting A Spark, Spreading The Word
  7. THRIVE - From Generation To GenerationOld School Sweetness
  8. LIFESTYLE - Natural Healing
  9. FUN TIMES - Heritage Highlights 

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