Beanstalk Issue 37 (Oct - Dec 2022)

Beanstalk Issue 37 Cover


You, Me and We - How Children Thrive When Family, Preschool and the Community Come Together as One


2. FOCUS - Together as One
5. INNOVATION & RESEARCH - Sense of Place, Training Wheels
7. THRIVE - Learn, Grow, Play
8. LEARN - In Good Company
10. PLAY - Good Old Yarn
12. MAILBAG - We've Got Mail!
13. FUN TIMES - Who's In My Family?

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Beanstalk Issue 37 Cover

Beanstalk Digital Extension

Let's appreciate our children's preschool teachers beyond just during Teacher's Day with the "Step by Step" board game developed in collaboration with ECDA Fellow Ms Kathryn Goy! Check out the fun and interactive board game here for ideas and activities children can do to show love for their teachers.

Step by Step

Let's also hear from Ms Nie Bing, Early Childhood Educator from Ascension Kindergarten, and Ms Tammy Dean, parent of a 4-year old, on what Home-Centre Partnerships (HCP) means to them and for tips on how to build effective and successful HCP! Save this post for later.