Beanstalk Issue 32 (Jul - Sep 2021)

Beanstalk Issue 32 Cover Image

Discovery of the World - Cue in to Children's Curiosity to Help Them Connect to the World They Live In


  1. EDITOR'S NOTE -  Discovery Matters!
  2. FOCUS -  Age of Discovery
  3. MY TEACHER, MY SCHOOL -  Through The Language LensTo Teachers, With LoveIn Good SenseCuriosity Thrills
  4. EC LANDSCAPE -  The Power of Connections
  5. INNOVATION AND RESEARCH -  How Does Your Garden Grow?Happy Wonderers
  7. THRIVE -   Discovery ChannelRice and ShineSay Cheese!
  8. WELLNESS -  Five Ways to Appreciate Home, Truly
  9. MAILBAG -  We've Got Mail!
  10. FUN TIMES -  On The Hunt

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Beanstalk Issue 32 Cover Image 

*NEW* Beanstalk Digital Extension

In this issue of the Beanstalk Magazine, we have collaborated with Wat Patthar Educare Centre and Agape Little Uni @ Clementi to develop some fun activities to engage your preschoolers in school or at home!

Watch this video on Instagram TV and share these blooming ideas with your fellow EC educators!

Watch this video on Instagram TV and share these fun activities with your fellow parents!