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lead teacher and preschoolers

Coding the Future: Integrating Technology Literacy and the Outdoors

We live in a digital age. Beyond reading, writing and mathematics, technological literacy is a foundational life skill for all learners.

Skool4Kidz Campus @ Yishun
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Aizat Engaging Preschoolers

Using Stories, Magic and Technology for Effective Classroom Management

The act of tearing the paper while telling a story brings the children’s attention to the action. It also introduces numerical concepts like halving and fractions, coupled with socio-emotional concepts like empathy and sharing.

Mr Mohammad Aizat Hashim
Centre Principal - Mosaic Preschool Eunos
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Staying Relevant: The Pursuit of Continuous Professional Development

It was a fulfilling three years where I had many opportunities to attend a wide variety of workshops and courses to harness new skills and competencies, as well as to deepen and hone existing ones.

Ms Joanne Lee
Educarer - Little Skool-House at Republic Polytechnic
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