ECDA Innovation Projects Grant

ECDA Innovation Projects Grant

The ECDA Innovation Projects are initiated to improve the quality of pre-school programmes, teaching and learning practices and to foster a culture of innovation and reflective practices.

There are 2 initiatives under the Innovation Projects:​

Innovation Grant Projects

Innovation Guidance Projects
(Community partnership)

Through the initiatives, pre-schools could explore less conventional ideas and approaches to:

  • Enhance learning experiences for children
  • Promote community engagement and home-centre partnerships
  • Improve or modify existing innovations beyond the first year of project implementation

Training is provided for participating pre-schools in Innovation Guidance Projects to support teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out innovative activities with the children.

For Innovation Grant Projects (Centre-based), pre-schools may propose to send their staff for training that is related to their projects.

Funding support from ECDA is available for successful applicants. The maximum approved Grant amount for ECDA Innovation Projects is $4,000. All pre-schools that accept the Innovation Grant must agree to co-pay 5% of the total approved expenditure. Centre leaders must also fully support their teachers throughout project implementation.

Upon completion of the project, participating centres will submit the following Project Deliverables:

  1. Final report using the guidelines provided
  2. Final expenditure form with supporting documents (e.g. original/certified true copies of receipts, payment vouchers)

Selected participating pre-schools may be invited to share their innovations, learning points and project evaluation with other pre-schools at sessions organised by ECDA (e.g. Professional Learning platforms, ECDA Early Childhood Conference).

Innovation Projects Application

All ECDA-registered pre-schools can apply for Innovation Projects. Child care centres must have at least a 12-month licence issued by ECDA. Priority may be given to pre-schools that have not applied for or received grant from any of the 3 initiatives.​

For Innovation Grant Projects (Centre-based)

Selection will be based on the quality of the application. Between two proposals of similar quality, priority will be given to the one who has not received the Grant in the last 2 years.

The yearly application period and details of the Innovation Projects are as follows:

Innovation Grant ProjectsInnovation Grant Projects is now CLOSED for application
Innovation Guidance ProjectsInnovation Guidance Project Grant 2022 is now CLOSED for application.
For enquiries, please email: