Five core values underpin SPARK. These core values are integrated into the 8 criteria that make up the Quality Rating Scale. They are represented with a spark at the centre to signify that the development of every child is central to preschool education.
Child our Focus
Children develop best in a safe and nurturing environment where learning is experiential and age-appropriate. Each child has different abilities, learning needs and interests. With strong pedagogical competence and skilful facilitation, teachers can nurture the full potential in every child and provide them with a strong start in education.
Leadership with Vision​ 
Leaders set the direction and tone for their preschools. To manage challenging demands from the sector, good leaders need to stay relevant in the changing educational landscape, to keep abreast of new educational trends and pedagogies, and to see beyond immediate concerns and issues. They should aim to inspire and lead their staff towards realising the vision of their preschools.
Professionalism with Impact 
Teachers shape the character and lives of children, discover their potential and nurture them through their growing years. Preschools need dedicated teachers with a strong sense of mission and pedagogical competence to engage children in purposeful learning. They should continually engage children in reflective practice and actively seek opportunities for professional growth.
Innovation with Purpose 
Nurturing early learners requires preschools to innovate and embrace change. Change and improvement should be aligned to the vision of the preschool. Keeping preschool programmes relevant and adopting innovative teaching approaches help children acquire the knowledge, skills and dispositions which are needed for their future.
Partnership for Growth 
Children's learning and development are strongly influenced by their relationships with family members and the community. Preschools need to establish close partnership with parents and the community to enhance the holistic development of children.
Core Values
Quality Rating Model
Quality Rating Scale