There are 4 tiers in the framework:

Tier 1 - Registration and Regulation / Licensing 
The 1st tier begins with the mandatory registration of preschools. At this stage, registration and regulation / licensing measures are put in place to ensure minimum standards of op​eration.
Tier 2 - Self-appraisal 
After registration, preschools are strongly encouraged to practise self-appraisal annually.
Tier 3 - Quality Rating 
Once preschools have a better understanding of their own quality and are ready to have their self-evaluations validated, they can proceed to the 3rd tier of th​e framework. This tier involves assessment by external assessors.
Tier 4 - Accreditation 
The assessment result​s will determine the quality standard of the preschool. Preschools that have attained high quality standard may then apply for accreditation.​​
Core Values
Quality Rating Model
Quality Rating Scale