Everyday Greatness

Everyday Greatness celebrates the everyday heroes of the early childhood sector - our early childhood educators!

Be inspired by these early childhood educators as they share their heartwarming reflections and stories in providing every child with a good start!

Click on the thumbnails below to read their stories!

Teacher Yasmin - Gifted with an exceptional singing voice, she incorporates music into her everyday interactions with the children! She believes that teachers should express themselves freely in a child-like manner!
Teacher Alice - Her selfless love for children fuels her passion each day and she desires to give her best to ensure that the children will be come the best that they can be!
Teacher Fiona - Her transition into motherhood kindled her interest in the early childhood profession. Currently teaching in her alma mater, she channelscreative flair to make her lessons interactive and hands-on for the children!
Teacher Eunice - She views every challenge as a change for growth in her daily work with young children. Continuing professional development and peer-mentoring holds dear to her heart!
Teacher Tricia - Her mid-career change from secondary school chemistry teacher to Early Childhood educator was motivated by strong beliefsin the long-term benefitsof shaping positivehabits and mindsets from a tender age!
Teacher Pat - A pioneer in the EC sector for more than 37 years, driven by her passion for children and relationships with parents!
Teacher Bryant - A male EC educator who strongly believes that early childhood education is not just for ladies. A fresh graduate in the sector, Bryant is also an ECDA Scholarship recipient!
Cai Lao Shi - A Chinese EC educator who strives to discover the merits of every child in order to maximise their potential!
Zhou Lao Shi - Her ambition of building a strong foundation for the new generation was what inspired this Chinese EC educator to make a mid-career switch to early childhood education!

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