I Look Forward to Seeing My Young Ones Everyday


Gifted with an exceptional singing voice, Yasmin incorporates music into her interactions with children every day. She uses songs to enliven her lessons and encourages her children to join in the singing and dancing. She also utilises music to comfort children whenever they are anxious. For instance, the two-years-olds may cry whenever they soil themselves and need cleaning. However, Yasmin would sing to calm them down and help them feel safe and secure. Yasmin also teaches her children Malay rhymes and well-known local songs such as “Chan Mali Chan” and “Rasa Sayang” to introduce and familiarise them with the Malay language.

“I simply love being with children.”

Yasmin believes that teachers should not be shy in the company of children, but express themselves freely in a child-like manner. She talks to children at their level and views each child as a unique individual. She seeks to understand their thoughts and reason with them as friends. She is jovial and warm and the children are always at ease with her. She gives them a nice mix of fun and tender loving care.


Yasmin used to teach in a Kindergarten for many years. The curriculum schedule allowed her to journey with her twin daughters as they grew up. Now that her daughters are more independent, Yasmin has more time to pursue and deepen her interest in nurturing young children. She has made the switch to a Childcare setting, where she now invests a substantial portion of her day with the little ones. She views this change as an opportunity to grow and blossom in her care and education of young children in the early years.

Her passion for children started early. She simply loves being with children. Even at a young age, she enjoyed caring for her little cousins, helping them to put on their socks and shoes. She hopes that her love and patience for children would not run dry with the passing of time, and that she would continue to serve in the early childhood sector.

Her duties at the childcare centre includes temperature taking, serving the children breakfast, lunch and tea, conducting assembly and circle time, bathing the children, diaper changing and much more. There are also outdoor activities for the children to explore beyond their classrooms. In addition, hands-on lessons conducted using Play-Doh allow young ones to develop their motor skills. Yasmin has to be proficient in the wide variety of activities that fill the children’s day.


A motherly figure, she is present with her children through all their moods and growing pains. Indeed, an Early Childhood educarer is an all-rounded professional.

Yasmin shows great respect for her profession, from the clothes she dons, to the way she gives a hearty greeting to each child in the morning. Her simple dedication to her work makes her an inspiration to others.

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