Teacher Eunice - Learning is A Non-Stop Process


Eunice was once warned by an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) specialist that she could lose her voice permanently if she continued her career in teaching children. Nevertheless, she has not let her severe throat condition become an impediment to pursuing her interest in the Early Childhood sector. Rather, it has motivated her to find alternative avenues to reach out to the young ones.

Eunice has since moved on to a non-teaching position as a Senior Teacher. In this role, she ensures the smooth and safe running of the centre so that teachers can focus on their teaching and caregiving duties with a peace of mind. She assists the Principal in carrying out the centre’s operational and administrative duties. She not only makes sure that the centre delivers the curriculum according to schedule, she also plays an exceptionally crucial role when contingencies arise. She is responsive to the needs of the centre and is always ready to learn. For example, there was once when the centre’s cook could not prepare lunch for the children because of a faulty power plug in the kitchen. Yet, in the frenzy of hungry children, Eunice maintained her composure and quickly rectified the issue, by contacting the technicians and learning how to operate the switch box.


Besides operations and administration duties, Eunice helps the principal to mentor other teachers by guiding them through role modelling. She is mindful of how she portrays herself as a Senior Teacher - an example for other teachers to emulate. She regularly observes the interaction between teachers and students so that she is able defuse potential tensions in the classroom. Whenever she notices a teacher struggling with a class, she will take the time to understand the teacher’s challenges and give counsel to her. Eunice derives great satisfaction whenever she sees a novice teacher grow into a professional who is competent in her tasks and takes good control of her class. It is her hope that her teachers will work together as a team, and seek personal and professional growth in their careers.

Eunice believes in a continuous process of self-improvement. Even as a trainee teacher, she constantly thought of ways to better deliver her lessons to benefit the children. Now, as a senior teacher, she readily explores different methods to help her teachers. Her desire to learn and improve does not stop here. After completing her WSQ Professional Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education [Childcare] and WSQ Specialist Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education, she is now pursuing her Masters (Curriculum Teaching and Learning) at the National Institute of Education (NIE) on a part-time basis. Through this course, she gains a broad understanding of curriculum planning in pre-schools, primary and secondary institutions. Eunice hopes to contribute to the Early Childhood curriculum in the future.


Although concurrently studying part-time and working full-time is not an easy feat, Eunice faces the challenges head on. She sees every obstacle as an opportunity for growth. No challenge is insurmountable to her. In fact, the greater the difficulty she encounters, the greater her determination to overcome it. Her thirst for knowledge and her passion for professional development are truly admirable.

With an eye towards the future, Eunice believes that Early Childhood Education should be holistic, including the transmission of social skills and good values. She also hopes there will be greater recognition for Early Childhood professionals, who hold the important job of nurturing and caring for our young children – the future hope of our nation.

-This article was written by Chloe Fong -

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