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More than $13 Million Invested in Professional Development Programme to Support Early Childhood Educators

13 Jul 2022

  1. The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) appointed 456 early childhood (EC) educators, including EC leaders, into its Professional Development Programme (PDP) at the annual appointment ceremony hosted today by Minister of State for Social and Family Development, and Home Affairs, Ms Sun Xueling. Since the launch of PDP in 2016, ECDA has invested over $13 million to support over 2,200 EC educators in enhancing their competencies and uplifting the professional quality of the sector.

  2. As of July 2022, 2,735 educators have been appointed into the three-year PDP since 2016, with about 650 educators having completed the programme. The PDP has helped participants deepen their professional and leadership skills and competencies. Through programme modules and peer sharing, PDP educators can keep up with the latest EC trends, exchange pedagogical ideas and share best teaching practices. Almost half of the preschool educators who have completed PDP have taken on larger and more complex job roles, such as mentoring other educators and leading centre-wide initiatives.

  3. ECDA, in partnership with preschool operators, will continue to support EC educators on their professional development journey by providing targeted support at each stage of their career progression.

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