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Expansion of ECDA Award to Recognise Inclusion and Innovation

28 Oct 2021

Twenty-three Early Childhood (EC) and Early Intervention (EI) professionals as well as centres were honoured at the 9th ECDA Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Development, held virtually on 27 November 2021. Since 2013, this annual ceremony has been celebrating the accomplishments of EC educators and centres that have excelled in teaching and learning, and innovative practices. The list of winners is found in Annex A.

2     For the first time, outstanding and promising Learning Support educators (LSEds) and Early Intervention (EI) educators were recognised for the ECDA Awards. The new ‘Early Childhood Intervention Professionals Award’ reflects the important role EI professionals play in supporting children with developmental needs and the close partnership between early childhood and early intervention professionals to give a good start to every child.

3     Ms A. Susila, winner of the inaugural Outstanding Early Intervention Professional award, is a passionate advocate for early intervention for more than 30 years. She had this to share, “Not all disabilities and needs are visible. We need to believe in the potential of every child regardless of abilities. Reach out to parents and connect with them, be empathetic and understand their concerns. We also need to work closely with the EC educators to pool our knowledge and understanding of each child so that together, we can support the children's learning and development more holistically. When we do this collectively, every child can blossom.” Ms Susila is a Senior Learning Support Educator at the Presbyterian Community Services (PCS) Jurong West Centre and she was part of a team that pioneered the early intervention pilot programmes at PCS back in 2003.

4     In addition, ECDA will open the Early Childhood Innovation Award to all preschools starting from 2022. Previously, only preschools that have embarked on the ECDA-funded Innovation Grant and Practitioner Inquiry projects are eligible for this award. From 2022, preschools can submit all innovative projects for the Award, including those not funded under the two programmes mentioned. The refreshed Innovation Award will also go beyond curriculum and pedagogical practices to include innovation in other areas such as staff development, partnerships, and digital transformation. This move will encourage more preschools to adopt a culture of innovation and uplift the quality of preschool programmes for our children.

5     ​In appreciation to all professionals, Mr Masagos said: “I thank all EC educators and EI professionals for your commitment in nurturing our children, regardless of their background and ability. Despite the challenges posed by COVID-19, you have worked hard to enable our children to continue learning in a safe environment, and to give every child a good start”.

6     Information on the ECDA Awards categories is given in Annex B. Further details are given at​.


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