Early Read Expert Series 2015


NLB, in collaboration with ECDA, has rolled out an Expert Series of workshops for parents with children aged 6 and below! The workshops focus on a range of topics intended to support the learning and development of pre-schoolers!

Programmes are free but registration is required. Registration for the workshops can be done at the library eKiosks or www.nlb.gov.sg/golibrary.

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Workshops for January to March 2016

Hou Jing

*Successfully ended*


9 January 2016, Saturday

3pm - 4pm

Bishan Public Library, Programme Zone

如果能让宝宝从小在双语环境中长大,爸爸妈妈1就不用为孩子以后的学业成绩担心了!也再不用听孩子说:“我讨厌华语!”这样的话!本工作坊通过介绍家庭语言政策、环境中的文字和全语文的方式,帮助家长学习如何在家庭环境中支持幼儿的双语发展。父母可以透过探索自身的语言资源、家庭文字环境的创设、以及日常活动的安排,积极、有效、轻松地支持幼儿掌握语言的听、说、读、写, 把学习双语变成一件自然而然的事情。如果您正在抚养年幼的小孩1,又对语言教育信心不足,这个工作坊将非常适合您。本工作坊将以话语进行。


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Kannigadevi *Successfully ended*

Helping Parents Promote Better Behaviours in Young Children

13 February 2016, Saturday

3pm - 4pm

Woodlands Regional Library, Programme Zone

One of the biggest challenges parents face is managing difficult or defiant behaviour in their children. Whether they're refusing to put on their shoes, refusing to eat their vegetables or throwing full-blown tantrums, you can find yourself at a loss for an effective and appropriate way to respond. This workshop will help you understand the factors contributing to your child's behaviours. From the sharing and discussions on case studies, you can equip yourself with practical tips and techniques to prevent and better manage your child's challenging behaviours.

The speaker, Ms N. Kannigadevi, has over 25 years of experience working with children, including those with special needs, and their families. She holds a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education and Child Development from Wheelock College, Boston, USA. She is a Signpost Facilitator, and conducts a parenting support course, called "Signposts for Building Better Behaviour". in collaboration with KK Women's and Children's Hospital's Department of Child Development.

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Lynn Chua

*Successfully ended*

What Makes a Good Picture Book

12 March 2016, Saturday

3pm - 4pm

Woodlands Regional Library, Programme Zone

It is never too early to introduce books into a child's life. Reading promotes early literacy development and supports the relationship between child and parent. But how do we select good picture books for our child? In this workshop, parents will learn to recognise the qualities of a good picture book through the study of illustrations, plot, characters and other elements. They will also be introduced to distinguished picture book authors and award winning picture books. Picture books that help a child connect to new experiences or emotions will also be shared.

The speakers, Raneetha Rajaratnam and Lynn Chua, have over 15 years of experience working with children in the libraries. Raneetha currently leads the overall strategic directions, content development and implementation of nationwide reading initiatives targeted at children and teenagers. Lynn Chua leads in the services targeted at children aged 0-6 years old.

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Workshops for October to December 2015

Ms Chiam Lee Meng *Successfully ended*

Raring to Go - Preparing your Child for P1

10 October 2015, Saturday

3pm - 4pm

Woodlands Regional Library, Programme Zone

STELLAR, PAL, FTGP - What's all that? Understand the purpose of schools, common acronyms used and learn how you can support your children as they begin this exciting new phase in their lives! This workshop will help you better understand the programmes primary schools offer and what they intend to achieve. You will also pick up useful tips to support your children as they enter primary school. Before you know it, your children will be looking forward and raring to go!

The speaker, Miss Chiam Lee Meng, Principal of Woodlands Ring Primary School (WRPS), started her journey as a teacher at Paya Lebar Methodist Girls' School (Primary) in 1991. She later became the Head of Department (HOD) for Mathematics and subsequently the HOD for English. She joined the Ministry of Education's Training and Development Branch as a training officer for 3 years and was also the Vice-Principal of Woodlands Primary School before she joined WRPS.

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Ms Carol Loi *Successfully ended*

Raising Media-Wise Children in the Digital Age

14 November 2015, Saturday

3pm - 4pm

Jurong Regional Library, Programme Zone

In this workshop, parents will learn about the ABCs of raising media-wise children: A - Avoid Addiction, B - Build Boundaries, C - Connect to Communicate.

We will discuss practical issues and strategies such as:

What are some of the guidelines and healthy habits that you can develop in your child concerning media usage?

How can you keep your child safe online & help him or her to make wise choices?

How do you assess the kind of online games that your child can play?

Pick up skills to be a media-wise parent in this digital age!

The speaker, Ms Carol Loi, is the Deputy Director of Outreach in Media Development Authority (MDA). The MDA is secretariat to the Media Literacy Council (MLC), which aims to promote an astute and responsible participatory culture through developing public awareness and education programmes relating to media literacy and cyber wellness. Find out more about the MLC at http://www.medialiteracycouncil.sg/

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Ms Lim Chun Yi  *Successfully ended*

Supporting Children with Learning Difficulties

5 December 2015, Saturday

3pm - 4pm

Woodlands Regional Library, Programme Zone

All children have the ability to learn. They learn at their own pace and in different ways. When children are not learning in the typical way at pre-school, parents may find it a challenge to teach them. These children are also at risk of social and emotional difficulties due to their learning differences. This workshop helps parents to identify children who are at risk of learning difficulties, apply strategies to support their children in their learning, and provide a supportive environment for their children to become confident learners.

The speaker, Ms Lim Chun Yi, is a senior occupational therapist at KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH), Department of Child Development. She works with children with developmental needs and their families at the clinic, homes and schools. She is pursuing her PhD in Rehabilitation Science at McMaster University and is the Vice-President of the Singapore Association of Occupational Therapists (SAOT).

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Workshops for July to September 2015

Ms Peggy Zee  *Successfully ended*

Building Blocks for Successful Mathematical Thinking from the Early Years

11 July 2015, Saturday

3pm - 4pm

Woodlands Regional Library, Level 1, Programme Zone

Has your child developed a firm foundation in number knowledge and basis mathematics skills? Join us and learn how to equip your child with multiple mathematics strategies. You will discover new ways to help your child be more efficient and flexible when dealing with numbers.

The speaker, Ms Peggy Zee, has lectured at many institutions including the National Institute of Education, the Singapore Institute of Management and Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Early Mathematics and Language Developement. As a specialist in Early Mathematics, she has trained numerous primary and pre-school teachers.

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Ms Patricia Koh  *Successfully ended*

Nurturing Early Literacy

15 August 2015, Saturday

3pm - 4pm

Bishan Public Library, Level 2, Programme Zone

"Natasha and I read a story together. She listens to the sounds of the language and turns the pages at the end of each sentence. She loves looking at the pictures. "

Early Literacy is closing linked to a child's early experiences with books. Learn how you can help your child explore language through stories, rhymes, and games. This hands-on workshop will explore ways to create a print-rich environment, employ interactive games, and foster positive language experiences for your child's early literacy success!

The speaker, Ms Patricia Koh, started Pat's Schoolhouse Pte Ltd. She is currently Director of Education at Schoolhouse by the Bay, the Regional Vice-President of FasTracKids International in Denver, Colorado, and the Chief Executive and Education Director for MapleBear International Schoolhouse in Singapore. She was previously a Lecturer and Head of the Early Childhood Education Department at the then Institute of Education (now known as NIE).

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Ms Puspa Sivan   *Successfully ended*

Optimising Your Infant and Toddler's Brain and Holistic Development

12 September 2015, Saturday

3pm - 4pm

Jurong Regional Library, Level 1, Programme Zone

Research has shown that the first three years are critical for baby's brain development. Early Nurturing experiences and relationships play an important role for both the intellectual and social-emotional growth of a child. Learn how specific social-emotional experiences can affect development, foster well-being and resilience, and build the cognitive abilities that are essential for effective learning. Pick up strategies that you can use to support and optimise your child's early brain development and learning.

The speaker, Ms Puspa Sivan, is a Consultant and Training Specialist (Early Childhood & Special Education). She holds a BSc in Child Development and Early Childhood Education and Masters of Education in Special Education. In her last 23 years of work in Singapore, she has developed and taught teacher training programmes in Early Childhood Education.

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