Professional Development Programme For Teachers - A Personalised Learning Programme


Like any working mother, I have to constantly manage my time between work and family. As an early childhood educator, I aspire to deepen my professional knowledge and skills to improve the quality of teaching but taking additional courses seem like another challenge. PDP, however, is unlike other training programmes. It allows me the flexibility to complete a variety of courses at my own pace over the course of three years. The types of courses and the variety of topics captivate my interest and keep me motivated.

The compulsory PDP module 'Developing the Leader in Me' helped me to understand and appreciate the values and qualities that a leader need to possess in order to influence and motivate others. I was able to apply what I learnt when working on an Innovation Project with my fellow teachers. My knowledge and competencies as a leader is enhanced through PDP.

Sharlene attending the PDP(T) Compulsory Module at SEED Institute

One person who has influenced me positively is my centre leader and role model, Ms Ada Teo, who nominated me for the PDP. I am very comfortable seeking her advice on work or my personal life. Her unwavering support provided an added boost to my confidence and certainly made it easier for me to pursue and stay on in PDP.

Sharlene with her Principal, Ms Ada Teo (Pictured right)

To me, one determining trait that differentiates an excellent early childhood educator from the rest is passion for children. This means enjoying the time spent with children, and wanting to make a difference to each and every child under my care. I want to be even better in my teaching strategies and to make learning more fun and meaningful for the children in my centre. I want to unlock every child's potential to learn and I believe PDP can help me achieve all these.


Ms Sharlene Hong, first year participant of the Professional Development Programme for Teachers and Teacher of Pat's Schoolhouse (Tanglin)


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