How 3 Years Flew By In The Blink Of An Eye

As we welcome the 6th batch of teachers on board the Professional Development Programme for Teachers or PDP(T) in 2021, let’s hear from one teacher who had recently completed the programme.

(All photographs used in this article were taken pre-COVID-19 and before safety measurements were put in place)

Teacher Nuaimah from Carpe Diem@Hilltop has served in the early childhood sector for 7 years, yet not a day has gone by where she has stopped learning.

Ms Nuaimah Binte Mohamed Sani, Preschool Teacher, Carpe Diem @ Hilltop Pte. Ltd.

The 28-year-old teacher fondly recalls attending the PDP(T) appointment ceremony in 2018 as though it happened yesterday. She still remembers how she was geared up and raring to complete the 3-year programme ahead of time. On top of the compulsory module, she completed her project programme milestone in her first year. To her pleasant surprise, her project which explored theatre as a medium to foster empathy and problem-solving skills in children, was later featured in ECDA’S Beanstalk magazine in 2020.

Nuaimah exploring theatre as a medium for her Practitioner Inquiry Project

Nuaimah is a proponent of time-management and prioritisation of tasks, both at work and while on the PDP(T). She believes this was what allowed her to strike a balance between the two. “The compulsory module in year 1 got me thinking about personal leadership values I strive to uphold and prepared me for a meaningful 3-year journey on the programme.” Based on her experience, Nuaimah thinks that PDP(T) is very manageable, especially so with strong support from the centre.

Nuaimah exploring materials for parachute-making with her class

Apart from completing the various programme milestones, Nuaimah saw how her own confidence as a teacher has grown when she was entrusted to oversee the centre’s curriculum, and to guide both existing and new colleagues in areas of classroom set-up and teaching and learning practices.

Nuaimah (left in photo photo) with her colleagues (Nursyukrina and Dellina, middle and right of photo) who are also on the PDP(T)

When asked where she foresees herself in the next 3 years, Nuaimah hopes to further deepen and hone her skill sets in mentoring new teachers, and playfully quips “maybe become a lecturer too!” She hopes for travel to resume so that she can attain her goal of visiting and observing foreign preschools and their curriculum.

Nuaimah thanked her principal Ms Joyce Lim for telling her about PDP(T) and supporting her nomination to the programme. Back in 2017, Ms Lim spotted Nuaimah’s potential to take on larger job roles in the centre. “Her can-do persona and positivity when receiving feedback and guidance from others, along with her willingness to take on and perform new roles made me certain of her potential!” shared Ms Lim.

Ms Lim agreed that PDP(T) has helped the centre retain good teachers. She encourages more organisations to nominate their teachers who have been identified to take up larger job roles for PDP(T) to complement their developmental plans. “If your teachers are eligible to be nominated, do so as PDP(T) offers opportunities to groom teachers to become reflective practitioners!”

Left to Right in photo: Nuaimah and her centre principal Ms Joyce Lim

Congratulations once again Nuaimah! We hope your story will inspire more teachers to join the PDP(T) and have a meaningful PDP(T) journey just like you did.

Nomination for PDP(T) is held once a year and nominations are now open until 30 October 2020. Nominate your teacher or be nominated today!

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