From Initial Apprehension to Successful Completion

In 2016, ECDA embarked on the Professional Development Programme for Teachers or PDP(T) journey with more than 130 teachers. Today, we find out how this journey has been for one teacher from the inaugural intake of the programme.

Meet Alida, Senior Preschool Teacher from Pre-School By-The-Park (Shelford). At first glance, one would not have guessed that the petite 27-year-old has been in the early childhood sector and the same preschool for an impressive 7 years.

Ms Alida Goh
Alida, Senior Preschool Teacher from Pre-School By-The-Park (Shelford)

Having recently completed the Professional Development Programme for Teachers or PDP(T), we asked Alida how she felt about the programme. She quipped that if asked the same question 3 years ago, she would have answered differently.

When nominated in 2016, Alida experienced all sorts of apprehension, including self-doubt as to whether she was competent enough for the PDP(T), and worrying if she could complete the programme milestones in time. Ms Jezmin Mumtaz, then-principal of the centre thought otherwise when she nominated Alida. “Alida displayed a keen interest to learn, is a committed and dedicated teacher and also a fantastic team player to her colleagues. She has always been a potential candidate for leadership.” 3 years on, Alida’s initial apprehensions could no longer be seen nor felt. “The PDP(T) rekindled my passion for learning, and was reminiscent of my schooling days when I got to meet other teachers during courses.”

During her time on PDP(T), Alida has progressively taken on larger job roles throughout the 3-year programme. In the first year of PDP(T), Alida progressed to become a senior preschool teacher and mentored student interns. She then moved on to take on the role of guiding staff through changes in their curriculum framework and pedagogical practices. Today, Alida exudes confidence when working with other teachers.


Alida mentoring 2 student interns from SUSS who will be joining Pre-School-By-The-Park after they graduate

“The PDP(T) allowed me to take up mentoring and leadership courses that provided me with different perspectives. Before PDP(T) my concerns were always centred around the children, but now I am able to put on my leadership hat to guide and mentor new colleagues as well.”


Alida introducing food-dye painting to her class after attending a course on it during PDP(T)

Alida is grateful for the unwavering support of her organisation and colleagues who spurred her on throughout the PDP(T). “Without the faith that my bosses and colleagues had in me, I would not have made it. I would like to thank Liu Laoshi my Chinese teacher in particular for being my confidante and providing me with valuable advice when I needed help with the PDP(T)”.


Left: Alida with her current centre leader Jamie, and school cook Aunty Cat
Right: Alida with Liu Laoshi

When asked where she saw Alida in the next 5 years, Ms Mumtaz said “If centre leadership is not her interest, she could be a wonderful master teacher and mentor. Congratulations Alida! We’ve always known that you had it in you!”. As for Alida, her wish for now is for other teachers to try out new experiences and pursue the spirit of continuous professional development just like how she took the first step 3 years ago.

Congratulations once again Alida!

Nomination for PDP(T) is held once a year and nomination is now open until 18 October 2019. Nominate your teacher or be nominated today!

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