The Apple Star

The Apple Star

There’s a star inside an apple!

It’s a miracle indeed!
That this sweet and juicy apple,
Was once a tiny seed!

There was once a young apple tree who would gaze up into the evening sky and admire all the beautiful twinkling stars above. How she wished she could have one of those shining stars of her own!

One night, a star fairy decided to grant this little tree one wish. Immediately, the apple tree wished to have a star of her own. The fairy promised that if the apple tree worked hard and grew to be strong and full of red, ripe apples, her wish would be granted.

The little apple tree tried her very hardest. On sunny days, she lifted her branches into the sunshine. On rainy days, her roots soaked up the water she needed to help her grow. After several years, her hard work paid off and she grew into a large, strong tree with branches full of ripe, red apples.

She waited and waited for the star fairy to visit so that she could show her efforts and be granted her wish. When the fairy finally returned, the tree shook her branches, showing off all her beautiful apples.

“I have worked so hard and waited patiently. Will I now be given my wish and a bright star of my own?” the apple tree asked.

“Your wish has already been granted. You now have among your branches not just one, but as many stars as you’ve admired in the night sky! Just peek inside any one of your apples and there you will find a special hidden star! It is ready to be discovered by the lucky person who choses one of the apples you have worked so hard to grow!” said the Star Fairy.

Whenever an apple is cut in half sideways, you will find a star buried deep within, just waiting to be discovered. And just like the apple, there’s a star in every child just waiting to be discovered!

As early childhood educators, the hard work and passion you put into giving a good start to every child will help them reveal their hidden stars within.

The story shared above was inspired by this source.

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