The Adventures of Greco and Beco: The Glass House


Join Greco and Beco, Singapore's greenest buildings, in their first adventure in Kampong Hijau! Greco, Beco, and their friend Nor find that the residents are very upset because someone has built a house made entirely out of glass - something which is not 'green' at all! The 3 friends meet Bucky Foo, the young boy who designed the house. Bucky could not care less about the house's design nor the energy wasted with the air-conditioning running all day. The 3 friends take Bucky on an adventure through time and the young designer soon finds out what makes a healthy and green home.

Click on the thumbnail below to download a soft copy of the storybook (6MB).


The storybook was officially launched by SMS Lee Yi Shyan on 27 June 2015 at the "Big Day Out" Carnival.


(From left to right) NLB Director of Reading Initiatives, Ms Valerie Cheng, BCA CEO, Dr John Keung, SMS Mr Lee Yi Shyan.

BCA also partnered with the National Library Board (NLB) to feature the storybook during storytelling sessions at four libraries in March 2015.


The book is now available for loan at various NLB libraries.


2015 also marks the 10th anniversary of Green Mark. Find out more about what makes a green building, and how you can green your own homes and schools at