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Watch what happens when 4 professionals from diverse fields are invited to be an early childhood educator for 30 minutes!

Learn what early childhood educators look out for when teaching young children. Leave a comment below if there's anything else that makes these educators extraordinary!




In appreciation of the passion and professionalism of our early childhood educators, ECDA rolled out #3cheers4teachers to celebrate Teachers’ Day 2017!

The month of September is an opportune time for us to actively say thank you to the early childhood educators who have dedicated their heart towards giving a good start to every child.

Through #3cheers4teachers, we encourage you to share with us how you are celebrating Teachers’ Day and appreciating our early childhood educators! Watch our #3cheers4teachers videos, read our stories and join our Facebook contest! Visit  Beanstalk Singapore Facebook Page for more!

To all our early childhood educators, Happy Teachers Day!

“It Takes a Big Heart to Help Shape Little Minds.”


Thanks to all who took part in our #3cheers4teachers contest! We loved looking through the celebratory posts you’ve shared!

As we wrap up the month of appreciating teachers, we’d like to say a big ‘thank you’ again to our educators and educarers for all that you do! Your dedication, commitment and passion truly make every day worth celebrating!

#3cheers4teachers indeed!

The above video was produced by AKïN.


Thank you to children from Chiltern House Thomson and The Little Skool-House at Thomson for joining in the chorus!


Dear Early Childhood Educators,

In his National Day Rally this year, PM Lee shared about the Government’s latest plans to invest in the early childhood sector.

This is the second time in five years that PM has spoken about early childhood in his National Day Rally. It reflects our growing appreciation of the important work that you do every day, to strengthen the foundation and shape the life course of our youngest children.

Last year, ECDA launched the Early Childhood Manpower Plan to create meaningful and rewarding careers for our teachers. As part of this plan, we called on all preschools to provide their teachers a day off on Teachers’ Day to acknowledge their important contributions. We are delighted to share that almost all pre-schools have responded to this call.

This Teachers’ Day, ECDA has also lined up a series of initiatives to celebrate our early childhood educators. This is our small way of saying thank you. Keep a lookout for our #3cheers4teachers  initiatives through Beanstalk Facebook PageGrow@Beanstalk websiteECDA YouTube Channel and other platforms.

A very Happy Teachers’ Day to all of you!

Eugene Leong
Chief Executive Officer
Early Childhood Development Agency


We popped by 3 different pre-schools to see how they celebrated Teachers’ Day! Hearing the heartfelt expressions of gratitude from the many parents and alumni really made our day. Watch the videos and immerse in the celebratory atmosphere with us!

Faith Kindergarten


Former students of Faith Kindergarten and their parents come back with hugs and gifts to surprise their early childhood educators. The alumni even brought their early childhood educators to tears! One of the parents was a former student at Faith Kindergarten herself and she has the photographs to prove it!

“After so many years, we have built a relationship. They are like our second family and this is like our second home.”
– Ms Karen Ralls, Parent of 4 former Faith Kindergarten alumni

My First Skool @Parkway Parade

Dads and Mums of the pre-schoolers at My First Skool @Parkway Parade came together in full force to choreograph and perform a dance especially to motivate and encourage their children’s early childhood educators!

“[The teachers] have done so much for my boy, making him grow, making him become what he is today.”
– Ms Lian Wui San, Parent at My First Skool @Parkway Parade

PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Pioneer Blk 694

Not forgetting our infant educarers, the ones who work tirelessly to ensure the care and development of youngest in our society. Parents and babies from PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Pioneer 694 threw a party to show their appreciation to these wonderful educarers!

“[The teachers] have really connected with us. They tell us a lot about the development of our kid. This is just a very small way of saying thank you to the teachers.”
– Mr Lim Boon Cheng, Parent at PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Pioneer 694


“I will let them be little. Fill their hearts with laughter. Help them grow wings. Nurture their sense of wonder. Inspire them to believe and love them like there is no tomorrow.”

Whether you are a Centre Leader, Pre-school Teacher or Educarer, let our stories open your hearts and rekindle your passion for giving a good start to every child.

Click on the images below to read more.

Mrs Elsie Yee Faith Kindergarten

“The deep connection between generations helps in building history… Students are returning to their roots. [Parents] can see that the school is planting good seeds in children.”
- Mrs Elsie Yee, Principal, Faith Kindergarten


Mrs Linda Liew MY World Tiong Bahru View
“I care for them as my own.
I can understand parents and even grandparents easily as I have been through the same experience.”

Pearlyn Tan My First Skool Parkway Parade

“As a leader, you will need to understand their individual needs and partner them to help them feel successful.”
- Ms Pearlyn Tan, Principal, My First Skool at Parkway Parade

Pooja Vishinda Nurture Education Group

"This is a very meaningful mission I have been entrusted with. 
I get to make an impact in the lives of the principals, teachers and the children."
Ms Pooja Vishinda, Chief Curriculum Officer, Nurture Education Group

Mdm Zulaihabe PPIS Bukit Batok

"It helps when there is someone to highlight our potential to us. That is the role of a mentor -
- Mdm Zulaihabe Talip, Senior Principal, PPIS Child Development Centre at Bukit Batok

Mrs Sabrina Lim Shalom Kindergarten

"Children are like little pieces of white paper, and what you add to them matters. If you add positive things, they are more likely to grow up to be caring."
Mrs Sabrina Lim, Senior Teacher, Shalom Kindergarten

“The Future of the World is in my classroom today.” – Ivan Welton Fitzwater