Skills Framework for Early Childhood

Skills Framework Page Cover

What is it?

The Skills Framework (SFw) for Early Childhood is a guide which provides a common reference for skills and competencies to help individuals, employers and training providers promote skills mastery and lifelong learning in the sector.

Who is it for?

In-service EC educators and individuals with the passion and interest to pursue a career in EC.

How does it work?

Career Pathways in the EC Sector

There are 3 tracks (Early Childhood Education, Learning Support and Early Intervention) covering 27 job roles in the EC sector, where educators are provided with opportunities to progress vertically and laterally across the 3 tracks.

Career Pathways 

Stages of an EC Employee

There are also 5 stages to achieving success as an EC educator with the Employee Life Cycle. The Skills Framework for EC provides a good resource and reference on the skills required for individual job roles in the EC sector.


How does it help me grow as an EC professional?

As a Leader, it helps you to

  1. Develop your educators by investing in their learning and development,
  2. Retain talent through effective HR practices, and
  3. Attract potential EC educators.

As an Educator, it helps you to

  1. Find out the opportunities for your professional growth,
  2. Plan your professional and career development, and
  3. Grow your professional capacity and career.

Other resources available

GROW ME Professional Development Resource

GROW ME aims to help EC educators take charge of their learning and chart their career growth. This resource can be used together with the Skills Framework for EC, the CPD Prospectus and ONE@ECDA. You can also use the Individual Professional Development Map (IPDM) to plan your CPD activities and track your progress.

GROW ME Professional Development Resource 

Download the GROW ME Professional Development Resource and Colouring Book here!

Click to find out more details about the Skills Framework from ECDA and  Skills Framework for Early Childhood!