Shape Our Tomorrow - KidsChat Micro-Campaign


“Happy First Day of (pre)School!”

Minister for Social and Family Development, Mr Desmond Lee, welcomes all early childhood educators and children on the first day of school!

KidsChat Series

Shape Our Tomorrow – KidsChat Video Series

No matter what roles they play in the sector, children lie in the hearts of our early childhood professionals. Be it creating new learning experiences for the children, managing day-to-day centre operations, developing new programmes and curriculum, or more; our early childhood professionals are always giving their best to shape our tomorrow.

How much do our littles ones actually know about our early childhood professionals and the different roles they play? Find out in our ‘Shape Our Tomorrow- KidsChat’ video series!

KidsChat Trailer


KidsChat with their Preschool Teacher - Kumaran

Being a male preschool teacher opens up opportunities to shape young minds and play positive role models for little ones. Preschoolers ask their preschool teacher, Kumaran, why he decided to be an early childhood educator!

Featuring Preschool Teacher Mr Kumaran K and preschoolers from My First Skool @Westgate.


KidsChat with their Mother Tongue Preschool Teacher - Shafarina

How do Mother Tongue Language teachers spread a love for language, culture and heritage in young children? Preschoolers find out from their Mother Tongue teacher, Shafarina, why learning their Mother Tongue language is important!

Featuring Preschool Teacher Ms Shafarina Bte Sulaiman and preschoolers from PCF Sparkletots @Bedok Reservoir - Punggol.


KidsChat with their Centre Principal - Jaime

Ever wondered what it takes to run a preschool- and run it well? See the difference between what preschoolers think their principal, Jaime, does, and what she actually does to support the children, parents and educators!

Featuring Principal Ms Jaime Tan and preschoolers from MYWorld @ Ang Mo Kio Central.


KidsChat with their Chief Curriculum Officer - Pooja

Did you know that there is a supportive team that works behind-the-scenes to come up with exciting curriculum for preschoolers and training for preschool teachers? Preshoolers find out from their Chief Curriculum Officer, Pooja, how she leads her team of curriculum experts to ensure the roll-out of quality early childhood programmes for children!

Featuring Ms Pooja Vishindas, Chief Curriculum Officer of Nurture Education Group and preschoolers from Little Footprints Preschool. 


KidsChat with their Infant Educarer - Sayana

Being an infant educarer holds special meaning when you get to play a part in helping infants attain milestones during their formative years. Preschoolers speak to their infant educarer, Sayana, about the unique features of an infant environment and the toys she has developed for her infants!

Featuring infant educarer, Ms Sayana Bte Salleh and preschoolers from Kinderland @Sengkang.


KidsChat Bloopers

How would you react if one of your preschoolers suddenly needs to go to the toilet in the middle of filming? Watch adorable behind-the-scenes moments between the preschoolers and the various early childhood professionals while they were filming the series! 


2019 Back-to-school Planner

KidsChat Series

We specially designed a 2019 planner for our early childhood educators to welcome them back to school in the new year! We hope that by using the 2019 planner, all early childhood educators can take time to plan for your personal lives, professional development and work. With that, may all early childhood educators will have a fun and purposeful 2019!

Download a softcopy of the planner here.