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Sentosa provides a wide array of unique educational materials and programmes suited to the curious minds of young learners today. Home to historical sites, nature trails and wildlife, both educators and parents can leverage on unique spaces and tap on the learning resources to set children off on a learning adventure in Sentosa!

Resources Available

  1. Learning Journeys in Sentosa

    Learning Journey

    As part of Sentosa's efforts to continuously provide learning opportunities for our future generations, we've worked together with various Island Partners to offer a wide array of curated and unique learning journey programmes. These programmes are catered specially for our students and are categorised based on broader themes such as sustainability, science, experiential learning and history. Virtual learning journeys are available as well!

    Have a sneak peek at how your students will discover and level up from new experiences at Sentosa!

    Download our latest interactive Learning Journey Guide here!

    Sentosa Learning Guide

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  3. Bubu’s Treasure Hunt

    With the support of the Lee Kuan Yew Fund for Bilingualism (LKYFB), SDC has developed 《布布找到宝藏了》, a Chinese picture book that follows the adventures of Bubu exploring Sentosa with his grandfather, on the search for treasure.

    Download the e-book here.

    Download the accompanying itinerary and classroom activities here.

    If you are bringing your preschool class to Sentosa for a learning day out following the itinerary for 《布布找到宝藏了》 or to encourage Chinese language learning for your preschoolers, do write in to us at Each preschooler would be able to receive one copy of 《布布找到宝藏了》, while stocks last!


  4. Quarterly Sentosa Educational Newsletter for Teachers Registration

    Are you an educator with strong interest in Sentosa’s educational programmes? Sign up and be part of the database to receive quarterly newsletters! Sentosa's newsletters aim to educate, share the latest learning journeys available and more importantly, to resolve educators’ pain points when it comes to making learning fun and engaging for students.

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  5. Downloadable Activity Sheets

    Looking for educational resources outside of the school curriculum? Check out these activity sheets specially curated for students below 12 years old. From Arts to Science and Heritage activities, spark your students’ interest in learning these topics in a fun and enjoyable way while fostering creativity and self-expression!

    Downloadable Activity Sheets Samples

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  6. Free Virtual Learning Journeys

    With remote learning being a norm, check out these free virtual learning journeys and learn more about the importance of conservation and biodiversity through the My Sentosa Adventure – Saving Our Habitat 360° video and find out more about Singapore history through the Fort Siloso Virtual Tour.

    (i). Virtual Learning Journey: My Sentosa Adventure – Saving Our Habitat

    Virtual Learning Journey Imbiah Trail

    Imbiah is in danger! Climate change has made the waters warm and an angry dragon threatens the wildlife inhabiting the rainforests! However, legend has it that there are several Guardians residing within the rainforest who can calm the dragon down!

    To complete the quest, pre-schoolers will need to virtually travel along the Imbiah Trail in a 360° interactive video to locate these Guardians while exploring the flora and fauna of Sentosa.

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    (ii). Fort Siloso Virtual Tour

    Virtual Learning Journey Fort Siloso

    Did you know? Fort Siloso is the only preserved coastal fort in Singapore today! Bring your pre-schoolers along virtually as we delve deeper into the nation’s history and learn about WWII memorabilia, including coastal guns, the remains of fortified military structures and tunnels.

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