Parents' Day - Hampton Preschool Tanjong Pagar


The K1 Responsible Class from Hampton Preschool Tanjong Pagar celebrated Parents' Day as part of their 'Start Small Dream Big' Project on Friday, 17 June 2016. The aim of this event was to encourage children to honour their parents and primary caregivers, and make them feel loved through simple acts of kindness. The project stems from the centre's strong belief that kindness begins at home.

The children first discussed and shared their ideas with one another, and used their individual talents to plan the event. For example, children in the Decoration Team designed a beautiful e-invite, as well as the backdrop for the event.

Parents' Day 2

Children in the Games Committee designed fun and exciting games for their parents to play, while children in the Food Preparation Team prepared delicious and healthy snacks, such as fruit kebabs and sandwiches, to eat with their parents.

Parents' Day 3

On the big day, the K1 children were all excited! They first welcomed their parents warmly and presented them with door gifts, made up of photo frames featuring their families. After a welcome speech by the Principal, Ms Veron, the games that the children came up with kicked off the celebration. The three-legged race and hopscotch were lots of fun and encouraged cooperation and teamwork!

Parents' Day 4

A few children from K1 Responsible Class then showcased their storytelling skills by narrating a story called 'The Happy Family'. This story, authored and illustrated by the children themselved, was about the day-to-day routines and vacation memories of the Seah Family. Through the story, children learn to practice good values such as charity at home, gratitude and other-centredness.

Parents' Day 5

The children then served refreshments to their parents while they watched a video montage of all the hard work and dedication put into preparing the Parents' Day celebration. The event ended with a special song and dance performance where parents were serenaded with 'Thank You' cards, words, hugs and kisses.

Seeing the parents all smiling and feeling touched by their children's gestures was a truly wonderful experience for everyone!