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The National Arts Council (NAC) believes that the arts are an integral part of all Singaporean's lives and exposure should begin from a young age. NAC hopes that children can enjoy the benefits of learning in and through the arts. As such, NAC is committed to helping all pre-schoolers have access to quality arts education for expression, learning and reflection.



Early childhood educators looking for Arts Education Programmes (AEP) specifically for preschoolers (N1 – K2) can tap on the  AEP database curated by the National Arts Council.

The NAC-AEP for Pre-Schools covers dance, music, theatre, visual arts and literary arts. There are 3 types of programmes to choose from:

  1. Arts Exposure
    Children are introduced to a particular art form via a performance / demonstration-cum-talk
  2. Arts Experience
    Hands-on participation for children in the various art forms
  3. Arts Excursion
    Children can attend performances at arts venues and visit museums, galleries, artist studios and more.

Interested EC educators can directly contact the arts providers offering these endorsed programmes. The contact details of the arts providers are indicated in the AEP database.

To find out more, visit the NAC-AEP website or email

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Arts Integration in Pre Schools


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In collaboration with various partners in the early childhood sector, the National Arts Council (NAC) has initiated some pilot programmes to widen arts exposure for children at all levels as part of core curriculum, co-curricular activities and/or enrichment programmes, as well as initiatives to better equip artists and early childhood educators to deliver arts programmes for children.

The Artist-In-School Scheme (AISS) is a collaboration between NAC and Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) to enhance the quality of arts education in pre-schools. The AISS is a professional development programme where teachers will acquire knowledge and skillsets on a specific art form through hands-on training workshops with the artist(s) and integrate the chosen art form into the curriculum. The programme also seeks to provide opportunities for children to be exposed to the art form through the professional artist(s) and their teachers.

Arts Education Programmes for early learners (K1 & K2)

Together with representatives from the arts and early childhood sectors, NAC has curated a database of arts programmes suitable for pre-schoolers. These quality arts activities are led by professional artists and arts educators with the relevant qualifications and experiences in delivering programmes for children.


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The A-List

The A-List is a fortnightly publication by NAC, featuring a 14-day event listing and must-read articles about the arts and culture scene in Singapore. It includes arts related programmes and events suitable for the family.