​​“Mindy’s First MRT Adventure” - Activity ideas on how to use the book with young children

Mindy's First MRT Adventure Activities

“Mindy’s First MRT Adventure” contains an educators’ guide which was developed in parallel with the story. Here are some additional suggestions from two of the authors, Debra Thang and Wendy Yee, on how to extend children’s learning using the book!

Use the illustrations in the book to teach about the MRT:

Mindy's First MRT Adventure Activities 

“Educators can expand on the book by using picture talk to explore the details in the illustrations of the MRT train and the MRT station’s elements. Point out to the children how our MRT and MRT stations are inclusive to commuters with physical needs, elderly and pregnant ladies.” - Debra Thang

Incorporate a learning journey in your lesson plans:

Mindy's First MRT Adventure Activities

“Take a trip to the train station with the children! Get them to observe the different sounds they hear, people who work at the train stations, etc. This will help them better relate back to the book.” – Wendy Yee

Use the story to inculcate kindness values in young children:

Mindy's First MRT Adventure Activities

“There are parts in the book where Mindy’s dad would subtly teach or model kind acts on the train, such as giving up his seat for a pregnant lady. Educators can discuss with the children why it is important to be considerate in a public/ community space and what it means to be a member of Singapore’s community.” - Debra Thang

Extend your lessons from transportation to caring for the environment:

Mindy's First MRT Adventure Activities 

“I chose to draw my children’s attention to the cleanliness of MRT trains and the stations and tied these to my lesson on the concept of “Caring for the environment”. I brought my children outdoors and we learnt about ways to care for the environment through reusing materials that we no longer need and even composting.” – Wendy Yee

Ask open-ended questions when using the book with the children:


“Young children have many ideas and thoughts that sometimes do not cross the minds of adults. What they need is an adult to ask the right questions or provide opportunities where they can express these ideas without worrying about getting the correct answer. In the educators’ guide, there are questions planned with no right or wrong answers.” – Wendy Yee

‘Mindy’s First MRT Adventure’ was created by three early childhood graduates from Wheelock College-Singapore Institute of Technology, Ms Chin Yu Teng, Ms Debra Thang and Ms Wendy Yee. Ms Debra Thang is an ECDA Scholarship recipient and currently a Preschool Teacher at St James’ Church Kindergarten (Gilstead). Ms Wendy Yee is also an ECDA Scholarship recipient and Senior Preschool Teacher at CanossaVille Preschool.

Download the soft copy of Mindy’s First MRT Adventure here!

Mindy's First MRT Adventure Activities 

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