List of Projects for Start Small Dream Big


Be Charitable and Share

"Love is not patronising and charity isn't about pity; it is about love. Charity and love are the same - with charity, you give love; so don't just give money but reach out your hand instead." This is an inspiring quote by Mother Theresa.

We would like to encourage our children to show love and care for the people around them, especially the needy, by taking part in fund raising activities. One of the fund raising activities planned is to collect newspapers and old clothes from blocks of flats in our neighbourhood and sell them. Our children distributed flyers to inform residents of the collection date. They also helped to carry the newspapers and old clothes back to the centre. The children also organised a mini fair together with game stalls, food stalls and craft stations for parent-child activities. Publicity flyers were distributed by the children together with students from Hougang Primary and Secondary School. Funds were raised through the sale of coupons. We also took part in Xin Yuan Community Care's annual flag day and met many generous donors. We also shared our happiness with the beneficiary by visiting the residents and spending time with them.  

- Acekidz Creative Educare


As this year would be Agape's 20th birthday on 7th August, we would like to celebrate it together with Singapore's 50th birthday. With our theme of ‘HOPE’ this year, we lined up about 20 community activities in support of the 'Make A Wish Foundation'. We also hope to break a record or set a record in the Singapore Book of Records.

- Agape Child Care (JW) Pte Ltd

Acts of Service with a Punch

Our programme is committed to giving our students an opportunity and experience to give back to society in their own little ways. As our centre's tag-line is building firm foundations, we aimed to instil these values of character into the students from as young an age as possible. During this project, we involved various stake holders in creating a better community through these activities. Activities included - Environment Rangers (Clean up the Beach), Let's Do Our Part (Visit Children's Home, Donation Drive (Collecting & Distributing Daily Rations), and Soup Kitchen for the Elderly/ Needy.

- Agape Little Uni @One-North

20 Acts of Kindness

In celebration of SG50 and Agape’s 20th anniversary, our staff, children and parents came together to perform 20 acts of kindness. These included actions of service, helping the community, showing kindness, as well as saving our mother earth.

As a childcare group, our 8 centres came together to accomplish at least 20 acts of kindness. Events and activities were organised on class, centre and group levels to inculcate values like giving back to the society and to contribute for the goodness of our future.

- Agape Little Uni. @Cecil Pte Ltd

Start Small Dream Big

Our project is a community service project where children and their families can spread goodwill, love, care and respect to those who are less fortunate. They visited welfare homes and did some hands-on activities such as cookery, painting and/or craftwork. During these visits, children and their families spent their afternoons with children from the Muhammadiyah Welfare Homes. At the MINDS SPED School, children put up a performance. In conjunction with our centre's Innovation Guidance Project (IGP), elements of energy and electricity were incorporated in the activities.

- Al-Ansar Mosque Kindergarten

Growing Up Clean and Green

Our project aimed to teach young children to be aware and care for self and family, including the extended parent community of Bethany Christian Centre (BCC). The children partnered with members of BCC to grow vegetables. The vegetables were then harvested and distributed to the needy families in the child care centre. To maintain their vegetable plot, the children also helped to weed plots once a week and clean up the amenities in BCC on every visit.

- Bethany ChildCare Centre 

Small Hands Big Heart

The children learnt about appreciation and gratitude by starting to do chores in their own houses, such as folding the clothes, throwing rubbish in the waste paper basket or rubbish chute and helping to prepare food.

The children in the centre also served the senior citizens in the centre’s church premise during their weekly Friday meetings. The children learnt about kindness and respect while they serve food to the elderly with both hands and greeted them with smiles.

During cooking classes, the children also made plain vanilla cupcakes for the elderly.

- Bethesda (Pasir-Ris) Kindergarten

Loving the Community

Show kindness and love towards the community, starting at the home, school and the community.

Through this project, the children learnt about good behaviours at home, towards their parents, siblings and elderly. In school, kindness, love and respect were reinforced amongst their friends and teachers.

Lastly, an Educational trip was planned to an Old Folk's / Nursing Home. The children prepared handmade gifts and prepared a small performance for the elderly.

- Brainy Kids Schoolhouse P/L

Baking Sale with a BIG HEART!

In conjunction with the centre's Kitchen Science IGP project, the children baked cookies and cakes to sell to their parents during our centre's Parent-Child Bonding Day. As our centre is a workplace centre, part of the project included selling of cookies to parents at their offices. All proceed raised were donated to a beneficiary.

- Cherie Hearts @Science Park I Pte Ltd

Giving Back to Community

Teaching children to be gracious, generous and understanding requires time and effort. Therefore we would like to start small and start them off young so that they grow up to be gracious and peaceful young adults to represent Singapore's kindness everywhere they go. Children learn that they not only take from the society, they also need to give back to society by volunteering efforts or donations with their parents' involvement.

- Creative Inventors Preschool

Art Exhibition

All 3 E-Bridge Pre-schools will have their inaugural art exhibition on 7th August at the centre located at Edgefield Plains.

One of the aims of the art exhibition is to showcase the children's creative expressions through different medium and we hope to have the involvement of the parents and other stakeholders in the community in the process. We would also be taking this opportunity to reach out to the less privileged in the neighbourhood and hope to raise funds for a special needs association / school in Punggol.

- E-Bridge Pre-School (EB0001, EB0002, EB0003)

SG Care and Share

To share their resources with the weak and less privileged, children presented songs and talents as well as gave donations to Ling Kwang Home and St Luke's Hospital. Donations were collected via angpow collections and sale of crafts made by parents and children during the Art Fair in celebration of the School Anniversary on 30th April. The cushion craft was upcycled from used t-shirts contributed by parents. These cushions were sold by children on 21st & 22nd May during Parents' Day.

The children also presented Chinese New Year songs, lion dance and wushu to the residents of Ling Kwang Home during Chinese New Year.

The children also be picked litter found in the parks during the Outdoor Learning Day.

- Far Eastern Kindergarten

Annual Art Exhibition

Our centre organises an annual art exhibition which showcases children's art pieces collated from their inquiries ober the year. A silent auction would be held for the art pieces and the donations received will be channelled towards a chosen charity.

- Hampton Pre-School

Serving Hands

As part of the Kindergarten's community engagement project, we would like the K2 children from the Kindergarten to be involved in serving the Elderly along with the community arm of the church - "Seniors with Hope". The children and their parents will be asked to donate biscuits, crackers, desserts & other foodstuffs suitable for the Elderly. The K2 children will have hands-on participation in serving the Elderly on either a weekly or fortnightly basis. Parents are invited to serve as well.

There is also an event for K2 children to entertain the Elderly with a singing performance.

- Hope Community Kindergarten (Choa Chu Kang)


"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” —Aesop

This project will enable the children involved to learn about kindness and what it means to be kind through the various events that have been planned. By starting a spark of kindness in the children at a young age, we hope that that spark might ignite within them and kindness can continue to be at work in their lives.

- House of Kids Pte Ltd

Garden @Woodgrove

The centre has a big space for K2 children to do gardening projects and children can plant vegetables and fruit trees like papayas, banana, chillies, carrots, turnip, curry leaves, pandan leaves and brinjals. Children will visit the garden weekly, water the plants and maintain the garden.

The centre will work closely with An Nur Mosque (which is located near the centre) and hopes to provide vegetables and fruits that are grown by the children to the Mosque's soup kitchen during the month of Ramadhan, as the Mosque would prepare meals for the community every evening during that month.

- IMAN Childcare (Woodgrove) Pte Ltd

Visiting the Elderly

The K2 children would be making a visit to an Elderly Home. Aside from bringing goodies to the seniors, the children will also put up a song and dance performance.

- Khalsa Kindergarten

Visiting/ Donation of Dry Food

The children and staff will be visiting the All Saints Home in Hougang. The purpose of the visits is to instil awareness within the children to appreciate and be kind to their elderly relatives, elderly neighbours and community around them.

During the visit, the K1 and K2 children will be doing a mini performance to entertain the elderly with children's songs in the 4 languages. The children will also be donating dry foods that were collected by the parents and centre - KidsKinfdom Pte Ltd - to the elderly.

- KidsKingdom Pte Ltd

Being KidzMonte Hero!

It’s never too young to make a difference to the community. As such, the centre will bring to the children’s attention the environment that they are living in, and will be introduced to the various community spaces where they learn and understand the implications of polluting the areas. They will also be physically involved in cleaning up these areas as contribution back to the community.

- KidzMonte Child Development Centre

Raising Smiles Carnival 2015

The K2 children will plan their own entrepreneurship business to raise vital funds for the community. The children will develop project management, mathematical problem solving skills in handling money while running a mock business. It also encourages them to develop financial and business skills and thus kindle the entrepreneurial spirit in them.

This is truly a monumental event for our young people to have an amazing opportunity of incredible hands-on learning experience. All proceeds will be donated to a notable charity organisation after the event.

- Kinderland Preschool (Pandan Valley)

Little Entrepreneur Project

IGP - Vertical gardening
The centre will be planting vegetables and herbs to be sold during the Little Entrepreneur Project. Children will be taught on the values in sharing and giving. Together with teachers and parents, our K2 children will harvest and prepare the vegetables to sell on that day. The proceeds will be donated to charity.

The centre will partner with Singapore Kindness Movement to encourage children to be kind and considerate to others. This will also encourage children to perform kind acts and show their appreciation when receiving kindness. Children will decorate the kindness wall and activities will be conducted by teachers to introduce various related character values. Parents will be involved by contributing recycled materials for children to create artwork for sale during the Little Entrepreneur Project. The proceeds will be donated to charity.

- Kinderland Preschool (Woodlands Civic Centre)

Sticks and Frames

The project aims to nurture and create opportunities for children to learn about entrepreneurship, using money earned in an honest yet fun and experiential way, through the sales of their art pieces of nature, for a good cause.

In conjuction with World Water Day, our centre worked with PUB to promote awareness of sustaining water. Aside from learning about the sustainability of water through PUB's resources, learning journeys and workshops, the children will be brought to Bedok Reservoir and will use the location as a platform to showcase their appreciation for nature by displaying their art pieces on canvas. Upon completion of their paintings, teachers will demonstrate cleanliness by picking up litters around the premise. In this way, children will understand and identify the discerning negative and positive human activities.

The paintings done by the children will be exhibited in the centre in conjunction with “Little Entrepreneurship Day” which will be held on 22nd April 2015. Teachers will organize an art exhibition in the centre where parents are invited to view and purchase the selected paintings to show support for their children’s efforts.

- Kinderland Preschool (Marine Parade)

"Ding Ding Ding" Here Comes the Ice-Cream Man/ Our Volcano

A workshop will be conducted where the children will be conducting the science project “Make Ice-cream in a Bag” with their parents. The objectives of this workshop are to present to the parents of what the children have learnt through the IGP project, Kitchen Science, and having children to take ownership of their learning.

Children will also be selling the home-made ice-cream at one of the booths during the Little Entrepreneur Day, which aims to develop entrepreneurial skills and instil team spirit. The K2 children will have hands-on experiences, such as selling of tickets, designing of posters and managing of the booths. All the earnings will be donated to Arc Children Centre.

- Kinderland Preschool (Woodlands Mart)

Kindness Starts with Us!

Children will be learning about kindness and family values and brainstorm ideas and strategies on how they can pass the message of kindness to family members and friends through words or actions. The project will be child directed and developed according to the children's interest and understanding. The project will end with a week long celebration during the final week of May 2015, in partnership with Singapore Kindness Movement and to raise funds for charity in July 2015, by reusing materials to create bookmarks with the message of kindness.

- Kinderland Preschool (Revenue House)

Little People, Big Hearts

The children will create artefacts for fund raising, and parents play their part to raise funds for "this love and share". The children decide how to bless the elderly with the money raised.

Adults can help to link the children to the elderly that the church is reaching out to, and ensuring they are in an environment safe to love and share, while mingling with the elderly.

It is not going to be a project that stops "at one".

It is going to be one that begins from "one".

Leading little people to enlarge their hearts.

Yes! Little people with big hearts.

- Living Sanctuary Kindergarten

Bright Light

The programme comprises of a recycling component, fund raising and a visit to an elderly home by the K1 and K2 classes. The children set up a recycling centre in the child care from April to June and parents were encouraged to deposit old newspapers, bottles and boxes at the centre. With each recycling donation, safety reminders and bookmarks with energy conservation messages were given out. Artwork was made out of these recycled materials for fund raising. The children also baked cookies during cookery class for sale to raise funds. The centre also organised a mini bazaar with game stalls on Family Day for parents. All parents received a token of appreciation on that day for their support in making the project a success. All funds raised were channeled to the elderly home visit. 

- Little Palm Pre-School Pte Ltd

Travelling "Coin"spiracy

A paper coin is disseminated to child. Upon receiving the coin, the child will perform an act of kindness to raise funds. For instance he can wash his daddy's car to earn $10. When done, he is to pass the coin to another family member (daddy) who in turn will perform a kind deed (e.g. mow the neighbour's lawn for $50) and the kind deeds carry on. Upon completing the round, the family collects the total amount earned and returns it to the school. The funds will then be collated by the school and presented to the Children's Cancer Foundation with a dance performance by our participants.

- Modern Montessori Kindergarten

Conserving Electricity

Children focused on the theme of conserving electricity and will be making bookmarks for distribution to the residents in the neighbourhood. Posters on electricity conservation would also be designed by the children to be places at the Community Club and condominiums around the centre.

- Modern Monterssori Preschool Centre 

Community Outreach: Caring for the Elderlies

The teachers will share the children story, 'Singa and the Kindness Cubbies' with the children. The children will plan the content of the programme with the children and families. The community outreach will comprise three segments:

a) Entertain-the-Elderlies involving the children and teachers' collaborative efforts,

b) Gift-of-Love Segment involving the children and families' collaborative efforts,

c) Lunch Segment

- MOE Kindergarten @Farrer Park

Love in Action

We would like to encourage our children to share their love to these groups of people such as the security guard officers, the cleaners etc. who work diligently to keep both our kindergarten and primary school a safe and clean place.

The project will start by creating the awareness of sharing love and kindness to all around us through stories, songs, activities and parental involvement.

Each class will 'adopt' a group of staff from the school to share their love with. They will decide on what they can do for them such as cleaning the tables, sweeping the floor, emptying bins etc. They will be attached for an hour to the group of staff they have adopted and assist them in the daily tasks they do.

- MOE Kindergarten @Blangah Rise

The Old Needs Our Love

The project is to teach children to appreciate and honour their parents and the elderly as we will all grow old someday.

Teachers will read the book on kindness to children and also a poem about taking care of the elderly. Parents will also be invited to read a book about kindness to the children.

Collections will be made to make "Goody Bags" for a visit to Hong Kah North Day Care Centre for the Elderly. Children will distribute the bags themselves to the elderly there, and perform an item to entertain them.

At home, children have to think of a kind act that they would like to do towards parents or grandparents eg. help with setting the table for dinner, help dad wash the car, help mom with household chores etc. Children will then share this helpful deed in class.

- MOE Kindergarten @Dazhong

Shaping Big Hearts

Children's Day - We set aside a day every year to celebrate the joy of being a child and to honour the children’s childhoods. On this day, we remind our children how much they are loved and how special they are in our lives.

Besides receiving our love and gifts on this special occasion, we would also like to teach our children to give back to the community. Last year, Children will head to a voluntary welfare organisation to share our joy with. The children and their parents will have the opportunity to donate items to the beneficiaries. Through the activity, our children will experience the importance of loving and gain joy through sharing.

- MOE Kindergarten @Punggol View


This project aims to teach children about the value of recycling and for them to learn and create art forms and develop an appreciation for photography. A series of Art projects will be created using recycled materials/ objects that the children can find in their everyday lives. These will be presented in 2D/ 3D, installation displays and photography.

- My First Skool @Admiralty Link Blk 491

Live. Laugh. Love.

The project would commence with Parents' Day. Children will relive memories with their parents and grandparents through a fundraising fair. Children will share their learning experiences through artwork created in art activities during the fair. Funds will be raised through the sale of the children's artwork, food and drinks and game stalls for playing of heritage games such as chap-teh. Teachers' documentation of the children's learning would be displayed. 

- My First Skool @Ang Mo Kio Ave 1 Blk 331

We can Contribute Too!

Teachers and children will plan a charity event where they will self make items from natural sources for sale in kind. Children will be involved of the entire planning process from the brainstorming of items to create, to the materials, creation of the invitation cards, set-up on the actual day, etc. Parents would be invited to puchase the craft items with items-in-kind. At the end of the event, all items-in-kind would be consolidated and donated to an elderly home. The children will personally bring the items down to the home. Through this project, the children will learn that donations need not be in the form of case and not necessary from well-to-do people. Children thmselves can contribute in their own special way and share their love with others in need.

- My First Skool @Ang Mo Kio Blk 329

Kindness Starts with Me

The children in the Centre will create craft work using scrap materials which will then be sold our Centre's Charity Drive.

Parents will be invited to the charity drive event, and they could buy the craft works done by the children using edible goods such as biscuit tins, milo, etc. All the edible goods collected during the charity drive will be donated to a selected Old Folks Home nearby the centre. The children will visit the Old Folk's Home and do some performance for the elderly.

- My First Skool @Bukit Batok East Ave 4

Tour of Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum with Seniors

As part of their commitment to the "Start Small Dream Big" initiative, 20 children from the K2 classes will accompany 20 seniors (60-90 years old) from NTUC Health's SilverACE Senior Activity Centre in Bukit Merah on an educational journey to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum. The children will participate in various activity stations with the seniors and learn about different groups of animals together.

- My First Skool @Chin Swee Road Blk 54

Rainbow Food, Colourful Life

The children conducted a gardening project at Chua Chu Kang Park by growing and harvesting vegetables. This is an ongoing project and harvested vegetables will be donated to the elderly and needy in the neighbourhood and Residents' Committee (RC). A party will be held to promote healthy eating habits to the elderly and children. K1 children will be using colours from plant extracts for baking cakes and cookies. K2 children will be cooking healthy foods using the harvested plants. The food prepared will be sold to parents for fund raising or given to the elderly and needy. Funds raised will go to the RC.

- My First Skool @Choa Chu Kang Blk 212

Celebrate Kindness

At My First Skool Geylang East, we want children to develop empathy towards others.  Together with Singapore Kindness Movement and Singa, we shall learn ways to spread kindness to the community.

- My First Skool @Geylang East Blk 128

Growing Up, Growing Old

The centre will continue to partner Thye Hua Kwan Seniors Services; children will volunteer on the regular basis. Children will learn to appreciate and respect the senior citizens through the regular interaction. Parents will also be involved in the volunteering.

- My First Skool @ Kang Ching Road Blk 333

Do You Know?

The children will be involved in a science fair and sharing their classroom knowledge at a community engagement event.

- My First Skool @ Kim Keat Link Blk 248

Upcycle Vs Recycle: Giving Your Trash a Second Chance

Stop! Before you throw away old furniture, an out-dated dress, or a pot with broken handles, let's give them a second chance.

We would like to tap on the children's and parents' creativity to create something new out of something old. One man's trash is another man's treasure; we will think of what we can do to give our trash a second chance.

We will also be looking at the possibilities of selling our products and raise fund for the needy.

- My First Skool @Punggol Central Blk 166

My Grandparent's Story

Creating a platform for our pre-schoolers to interact with the elderly in our community/neighbourhood through planned intergenerational activities that will mutually benefit the child and adult participants both socially and emotionally as well as inculcate positive values in the children.

We will get grandparents to tell stories of their past, children will learn to record, illustrate these stories. These will be compiled by the teachers into an easy to read collection of stories.

A video recording and photographs of the various sessions will be taken to record the process and progress of the project. We will end off the project with A Grandparents’ Day to celebrate and appreciate our pioneer generation.

- My First Skool @Serangoon Ave 4 Blk 219

Serve with Love

The K1 and K2 children will visit the Jamiyah Home for children. During this visit, the children will make sandwiches and serve to the children from Jamiyah Home. After this simple meal, the children will create a heart collage together. All ingredients and materials will be prepared by the centre.

- My First Skool @Simei St 1 Blk 135

Our Recycled Lantern

The children will be using recyclable materials to create lanterns to be auctioned to parents for raising funds. All funds raised will be donated to the Children's Cancer Foundation.

- My First Skool @Toa Payoh Lorong 1 Blk 236

There's No Us, If There's No You

The focus of this project is on the Pioneer Generation. We hope to see our children appreciating the seniors more and developing a sense of care and respect for our Pioneer Generation. We hope to brighten up the seniors' day as they share their life experiences with the young ones. We also hope to promote the history of Singapore to the children and expand their world through the friendships forged with the seniors. The project also aims to empower the children with responsibility, instill compassion, raise awareness, and offer them the chance to positively impact the lives of others. Partnering with the National Heritage Board and museums, the children will be engaged in a variety of activities in the centre and field trips to the Home for the Aged. Home activity kits will be given out for parents to do related activities with their children at home. Through these activities, we hope to work towards our Carnival event where our Pioneer Generation will be invited to celebrate the children's achievements together.

- My First Skool @Woodlands Circle Blk 742

Helping Out with the Less Fortunate

In line with SG50 this year, we hope to do something to pay it forward and honour our Pioneer Generation, especially those from disadvantaged families. We will be collecting donations-in-kind from our parents and donate them to the elderly. The children will visit the elderly and put up a performance for them.

- My First Skool @Yung An Road Blk 505

Reading Funds

Children will be involved in the reading project with the aid of technology to entice children to the activities and discover the joy of reading. Children will also do a recording of their readings, which will be transferred to CDs to document their project work. At the end of the project, the children's CDs will be put up for sale to raise funds. The proceeds will go to MY Manna which is a project managed by the Community Service Department of MYMCA. MY Manna is a food ration programme for the poor, needy and disadvantaged families in our society.

- MY World @Ang Mo Kio

MY Cares!

The children will visit Orange Valley Home and put up a performance for the residents. They are encouraged to mingle with the residents to bring cheer to them. One idea to bring cheer to the residents would be to give each of them a potted plant. We hope to work with NParks to cultivate a plot of land outside the centre to do gardening. The children can then bring the plants to the residents. The children can also, with the parents' help, bring canned food to school where they can do up a hamper. The second visit to Orange Valley Home would include distribution of the potted plants and the hampers to the residents. The children will then put up performances for them. It is hoped that this is an on-going project where the children will visit the residents at least once a term.

- MY World @Bishan

Big Appetite

The children will learn some cooking techniques and prepare simple cooking to share with the neighbours.

- MY World @Boon Keng

Working on Cookery/ Baking Projects to Serve the Elderly in the Community

Getting the children to do cookery / baking projects once every three months. The children will then bring the products to the nearby community and share it with the elderly in the community or the nearby elderly home care near the centre.

- MY World @Bukit Panjang

MY Child Cares

It is important to teach young children on good values of caring and sharing. We wish to take this opportunity to provide an avenue for the children together with their families to show their care for the poor, elderly and needy. Parents will be encouraged to donate groceries to "MY Manna Store". MY Manna Store is a provisions bank set up in 1993 to serve the needy and lesser privileged community.

- MY World @Hougang

Culture Carnival

The children will extend the culture centre within their centre to the community through setting up an exhibition in our neighbourhood. This exhibition will involve the children's families. Titled 'Now and Then', this exhibition will comprise of old photographs collected from families of our neighbourhood. Parents and grandparents will also demonstrate making of traditional food items. Other components include a fashion show, traditional games, sale of food items by mobile hawkers (K class children), henna stall, photobooth for children to dress up in traditional costumes and take photos, auction of children's art (inspired by the William Farquhar Collection) and a performance by the children.

- MY World @Kang Ching

H2O Ambassadors

Our goals is to create an awareness among children, staff, parents and people in our neighbourhood to:

- Understand the importance of good water quality and value our fresh water resources

- Learn about water sustainability and the roles of reservoirs and waterways in Singapore

- Be involved in the "Active, Beautiful, Clean Waters Programme (PUB)"

- Develop self-awareness and self-management in saving water and perform their ‘H2O Ambassadors’ role to advocate the message on water conservation to parents and neighbours – house to house visits to nearby blocks from the centre.

- MY World @Pasir Ris

The Future of S'pore helping the Future of S'pore

Children will be engaged in simple make-bake-share projects such as making pinwheels with kindness messages using recyclable items and baking handmade cookies/ mini-cupcakes. Parents will be invited to participate and share their expertise during these activities. The craftwork and cookies/ cupcakes will be used for fund-raising during key centre celebrations (e.g. Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, Family Day), leading up to the SG50 celebrations on National Day. All proceeds will go towards MY Manna beneficiaries and a children's home. We hope that children will learn empathy, care, kindness and sharing through these activities.

- MY World @Simei

Sharing and Caring for the Elderly

Parents will be invited to donate canned food and rice for the needy. A flag day involving the children and their parents will be organised to raised funds. The children (N2, K1, K2) will be paying a visit to an elderly home to put up a dance performance. The children will also be baking cookies for the elderly together with the teachers. We hope that these activities will cultivate understanding and love in the children by providing opportunities for interaction between the children and elderly, and promoting the spirit of giving.

- MY World @SIMS

Little Hands, Big Chores

The K2 children will be helping their loved ones with chores to show their love and appreciation to their family members. Children with younger siblings are encouraged to do simple tasks for their siblings. Chores would include folding clothes, sweeping/ vacuuming the floor, washing dishes or socks, setting up table, making a shopping list and helping with grocery shopping, preparing of food for cooking, wiping tables, etc.

- MY World @Stevens

MY Child Cares

This project serves as an avenue for children and families in MY World @ Tampines Central to show their care for the poor, elderly and needy through the contribution of essential food items such as rice, peanut butter, instant oatmeal, beverages, can food and more to the beneficiaries under "MY Manna Store" scheme. The Manna Store is a provisions bank set up to serve the needy and lesser fortunate community.

Families will be asked to donate their items and can help in the packing and delivering of the basic groceries and toiletries to the elderly.

- MY World @Tampines Central

Kindness Alert... We Care Too

Instilling good moral values is essential in young children’s development. A simple gesture of kindness goes a long way and we want to educate the children the importance of being kind to everyone. Kindness includes the centre’s 4 core values – care, respect, responsibility and honesty.

Teaching good values of caring and sharing is important in raising the standards of behaviour and responsibility. A visit to the old folk's home will be arranged with children performing for the elderly. Children will then distribute goodies prepared by them, parents and teachers to each elderly person.

- MY World @Tampines Changkat

Putting a Smile on Your Face

The children will be involved in a series of events to express appreciation and love to their loved ones and people in the community. The children will be creating little cards or bookmarks with inspirational phrases such as "Have a nice day" or "I love you" and distribute them to people around their neighbourhood. The children will also be approaching cleaners in the neighbourhood to show their appreciation and understand their work by helping to pick up ruubbish around the neighbourhood. The children will also create "kindness coupons" in the centre for use at home. These coupons are intended for the children to pledge to do various kindness acts at home, for e.g. "I will pour water for my mummy" or "I will help daddy fold clothes." Parents will be invited to take a photo of their child at home completing the kindness activities.

- MY World @Tampines North

We Care @MY World

The fundraising project is to help the needy elderly under the Metropolitan YMCA Outreach Community Services, and values such as caring, sharing and being kind to people in need will be inculcated.

During the Parents' Day celebration at the centre. The children will make small gifts items like bracelets, necklaces, and other craft items using recycled materials for parents to buy. Parents will be encouraged to donate recycled materials to the centre to enable the children to make the craft items.

The children and their families will be encouraged to donate food items to "MY Manna" store, a provision store to provide free distribution of food items to the elderly needy.

- MY World @Woodlands

Clean Litter Campaign

K1 and K2 children will help to maintain the cleanliness of the neighbourhood by picking up litter in the neighbourhood and sending out reminders for others to avoid littering in public. Any recyclable materials that they discover will be brought back to the centre for art activities. Teachers will set-up 3 recycling bins in the centre -- paper, plastic and metal. Parents will be involved in guiding children to be good stewards by bringing down recyclable materials to the centre to be used for art activities.

- MY World @Yishun

Start Small Dream Big

Our centre will be exploring the unit of cultural heritage of Singapore, in conjunction with SG50. The children will be introduced to heritage landmarks, cultural practices (past and present), Singapore food, ehtnic music, artifacts, traditional costumes, etc.

Following from this, the centre will conduct fund raising for children in need through Art Auction (Canvas Project, Postcards Project). The children will be collaborating with external artists to do a special canvas painting. The children will go on field trips to see prominent landmarks and museums for inspiration. Pre- and post- learning journeys will be planned to provide the children with context for their canvas art. Following these activities, children will draw and paint their aspirations for Singapore on canvas. Parents will be invited as volunteers to help organise a private fund-raising event where the art pieces will be auctioned.

Children will also be involved in cookery activities. The centre will be converted into a restaurant, Nobleland Cafe, where older children will work as waiters and waitresses. Parents will be invited to purchase the food items prepared by the children and all proceeds raised will be donated.

- Nobleland Arts N Learning Place Pte Ltd & Nobleland Arts N Learning Place @Bishan Pte Ltd

Litter Picking

The Litter Picking project will involve the K1 and K2 children in which they pick up litter around the community. They will also look out for litter that could be used for recycling and do sorting according to different materials such as plastic, paper and metal.

- NurtureStars @SAFRA Yishun

Raising Funds for the Senior Citizens

Children and the teachers will plan for a carnival to raise funds for the senior citizens. Children, together with the teachers will brainstorm how and what they are going to do to raise funds during the carnival.

- Nurturestars @SAFRA Mount Faber

Start Small Dream Big

In celebration of Fathers' Day and to encourage our children to contribute to the community, the centre will be organising a car wash event for fathers. Each class will have a designated day for car washing. The fathers of the class children can drive their car into the school compound for a wash for a donation. Collection of all funds will go to a selected beneficiary.

- Pat's Schoolhouse Pte Ltd (Mount Sinai Drive)

Mooncake Festival

Children and seniors come together to enjoy a performance and celebrate the mooncake festival.

- Pat's Schoolhouse Pte Ltd (Sembawang)

Little Hands, Big Hearts

The children will be conducting an area cleaning in the neighbourhood. Parents will be encouraged to join in. The children will also be visiting the old folks home to interact and perform for them.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Admiralty Blk 585

Tidy Up the Books in Jurong Regional Library

Our centre will be collaborating with the National Library Board to clean up community spaces in Jurong Regional Library. The children will be helping the library staff to sort and replace storybooks in the shelves and categories. The children will understand the work of library staff better and learn how books are categorised in the libraries. Through this, we hope to inculcate responsible borrowing and use of library facilities in the children.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Ayer Rajah Blk 48

Sweets for the Young at Heart

Our centre rolled out a project which encourages our children to use the knowledge learned from our IGP project, Kitchen Science, to give back to the community. The children baked cookies to give to the elderly and also created handicrafts to be distributed to the community as a token of appreciation.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Bedok Reservoir Punggol Blk 470C

Care for Water

Aim of the project is to highlight the importance of water conservation, especially in times of global climate change. Students will have the knowledge to learn about water-saving tips in a fun way. This will help the students to monitor and reduce their daily water consumption while sharing with their family and friends on ways to save water.

In addition, students will ave the opportunity to show their commitment as a Friend of Water and this will create awareness amongst the community for the water cause.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Boon Lay Blk 207

Kids 4 Earth

As Earth Day approached, the centre was involved in cleaning up the neighbourhood, planting of plants, and teaching the N2s how to keep the neighbourhood clean. Children will also be monitoring the use of electricity in the centre and recycle used drink packets by TETRATAK.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Boon Lay Blk 262

Kindness Begins with Me

Our centre collaborated with Singapore Kindness Movement with the objective of instilling the value of kindness in our children through a week of kindness activities with KDSG. The children will create a Kindness Wall in the school with coloured gerberas and the Kindness Day logo. There will be a tour to Kindnessville to let children learn how to perform kind acts and show appreciation when kindness is shown to them. The centre will also be donating canned foods and other donations-in-kind to an elderly home as well as put up a performance.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Boon Lay Blk 631

We Care, We Share

Together with their parents, the children will be baking and packing cookies for sale a cookie stall. Together with help from the parents' support group, the children will tend to the stall and all proceeds will be donated. Parents will be invited to preorder for the cookies.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Bukit Batok Blk 205


The children will make a visit to an orphanage to play games and make sandwiches with the children. Aside from accompanying the childrenon their visit, parents will also be donating funds and food.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Bukit Gombak Blk 512

Special Gift for Parents through Recycling

Together with their parents, children will be using recycled materials to create a mobile phone holder for their mothers. Students from Hwa Chong Institution will give the children a talk about recycling.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Bukit Timah Blk 12

Caring & Giving

Teachers will educate children to show kindness towards people regardless of race, language or religion. The children will be embarking on the "Singapore Kindness Movement", and will perform for the elderly in the eldercare centre and prepare crafts for the elderly. They will also talk to the elderly to show care and concern. The children will also give back to the environment around them. They will also learn about "reuse, reduce and recycle".

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Bukit Timah Blk 305/307

Book Voucher Project for Sembawang Family Service Centre

The centre tapped on our Parents Support Group members to conduct a 2-week long donation drive. Items were put on sale to parents during Earth Day/ Open House. Proceeds from the sales will be used to buy book vouchers for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, identified by Sembawang Family Service Centre. Parents and children gave contributions in the form of canned/ vacuum-packed/ sealed food items, storybooks and toys. Donation items were also sold during Earth Day/ Open House.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Canberra Blk 330

Traditional Food Cookout

The children will be organising a traditional food cookout with the centre staff and parent volunteers. Children will invite their grandparents to the cookout to share their childhood experiences.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Chong Pang Blk 115B

We Care

We will visit the homes for the elderly. K2 children will perform a dance. K1 children will make art & craft work for the elderlies.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Clementi Blk 462A

Show Care

The children will be visiting the Home for the elderly. During their visits, the children will have a tea session and entertain the elderly with songs and chit chatting to keep them company. After the visit, the children will be able to understand & learn the elderly's needs, care and concerns which in turn they can extend their learning to their own family members especially the elderly. In addition, the children will reinforce on their learning by involving their parents in this project.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Eunos Blk 650

Singapore Little Treasures - Reminiscing the Good Old Days

Our centre would be embarking on a batik project that would incorporate the 4 old unique features about the different races. We would be having a carnival where parents and children are involved in designing the batik cloth. This batik would then be taken to the orphanage to be coloured together with the centre children. The final product would then be made into a saree which would be worn by a sculpture made using recycled materials.

Our centre also would be having mini crafts activities. The craft would involve the different types of art techniques to enhance children’s learning. These craft would then be sold or given to the stakeholders to allow them to appreciate the olden days and the lessons they have learnt from the past.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Eunos Blk 650 (KN)

Singapore's History: Wind Down

Singapore is filled with rich history and heritage. In this project, children will work with their parents to select a particular event in Singapore's history and create an art-piece. It could be a collage, 3-D piece or a painting. This art-piece would be accompanied by a paragraph describing the event and how that event had affected or change their lives. Children could also add in some of their thoughts as to how the event showed our common identity and bond as Singaporeans. Children will then present the art-piece created by themselves with the help of their parents in a show & tell session in class, in front of their parents.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Fengshan Blk 184 (CC)

Start Small Dream Big

To obtain old photos in the past from children's parents / grandparents and let the grandparents to tell the children stories about the picture.  The children will visualise and conceptualise the stories in their own interpretations through drawings.  Every child's ideas will be captured in a journal.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Hong Kah North Blk 345 (CC)

Ethnic Cafe and Art Showcase

The children will set-up and man 4 stalls selling a selection of local traditional food and drinks (e.g. nasi lemak, kachang puteh, kaya toast with egg, bandung, etc) to invited participants (e.g. parents). The children will also showcase a gallery of traditional artworks  (e.g. batik paintings, rangoli). Participants will have the option to buy children's artwork. All proceeds raised will be donated to the Singapore Children's Society.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Hong Kah North Blk 419

Your Memory Builds Our Future

Children will learn how to play traditional games (e.g. five stones). They will visit the elderly from NTUC Eldercare Silver Circle and play these games with them.

- PCF Sparkletots @Hong Kah North Blk 257A

Little Helping Hands

The objectives of the project include (1) encourage and support character education and citizenship beyond the classroom through community engagement; (2) build an environment that instills sharing, caring, engaging, responsibility and compassion towards others; (3) create awareness that children are never too young to contribute to the community and play an active role in making a difference to the nation; and (4) explore innovative and creative ideas to help and inspire others.

Children of all levels (NN to K2), parents, teachers and the community will be involved, especially individuals ready to provide a helping hand through fund-raising, growing and preparing food for the needy and recycling.

The final deliverables include an A4-size Journal Book to capture the thoughts, passion and works of children. The exhibition will display children's creative and innovative ideas in contributing back to the community through artwork. Teachers will document the children's planning and implementation process. Other materials include a hard copy documentation of the children's involvement and recycled art and craft by the children.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Hougang Blk 328

Growing and Sharing

The centre will be helping the community to maintain the farmville. They will be growing vegetables for sale during the Jalan Sutan Day. All proceeds will be donated to the Singapore Children's Society. Parents will also be involved in planting and cleaning up the farm.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Jalan Kayu Blk 517/520

Kindness Begins with Me!

We believed that by showing kindness is the power that helps create and maintain relationships and by showing kindness fosters kindness in return. This projects aims to inspire others to practice kindness and pass it on.

1) Acts of Kindness Journal (09/03/15 - 20/03/15):

- children to do a random act of kindness each day at home and add to their journals (using photographs).

- children can also compose a poem on empathy and kindness, illustrating it with drawings, quotes, and stickers.

2) Kindness Day @ Preschools (06/04/15 - 15/05/15)

- Introducing kindness and setting up a Kindness Wall.

- Storytelling sessions on kindness.

- Children to pen a thank you letter to their parents, appreciating them for their guidance.

- Kindsville Tour (July 2015)

3) Green Wave Flea Market Project (22/05/15)

- Through spring cleaning done at home, children are encouraged to donate their pre-loved items such as toys and clothing which are still in good, working condition. Thereafter they will set up a flea market.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Kampong Chai Chee Blk 135

Little Hands, Big Heart

The children will be creating heritage-inspired craft work, learn about the Malay Culture, and put up a kompang performance at Jamiyah Nursing Home. Parents can purchase the children's artwork using donations-in-kind (e.g. dried and canned food items). Food items collected will be brought to Jamiyah by the children during Hari Raya Period.

- Sparkletots Preschool @Kampong Chai Chee Blk 409

Spreading the Love to Our Elderly

We plan to get the birth dates of the elderly at the elderly care centre and during their birthday months, a small group of children will be presenting to the elderly a token of love (small gifts made in school) to show their appreciation and love. This will be ongoing for the whole year.

The objective of this project is to enable children to be more aware and sensitive to the elderly among them in their community. This project will help plant and spread the seeds of love among children to their elderly around them.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Kampong Glam Blk 462/3

Care and Share

The children will conduct a kindness project which provides opportunities for the children to help out at elderly organisations by spending time, entertaining or giving donations.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Kebun Bahru Blk 180

Be Kind

Using activities from the Singapore Kindness Movement, the children learnt to be kind toward one another, their teachers and children with special needs. Through role-modeling and teaching of kindness values, we hope to encourage the K1 and K2 children to be kind towards the children with special needs in their class. The children will also visit an Elderly Centre at Blk 257 and present a song and dance. The children will also make individual gifts for the residents at the Elderly Centre.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Kebun Bahru Blk 235

Empowering Healthy Minds - Our Kindness Curriculum

The centre will be focusing on 10 weeks of Kindness Curriculum, of which children will conduct exercises and activities related to kindness, care and mindfulness. One of the activities, "Planting the Seed of Kindness", allows the children to 'grow' seeds (either real or made from paper), to observe how seeds can grow into plants. We will also extend this project to the community level to tie in with home-school partnerships.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Marsiling Blk 15

Let's Grow with Heart

Our centre will be planting some vegetable in our own garden near the school. Seeds will be germinated in August and transplanted to plots at seedling stage. The children will water and fertilise the vegetables regularly with help from teachers and Parents Support Group. Vegetables will be harvested and distributed to the needy or seniors in the neighbourhood. Our centre will work closely with AVA and NParks in this project and target for completion before September 2015.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Marsiling Blk 32

Coastal Cleanup

With the aim of teaching children to protect and improve the environment through awareness and action, the K1 and K2 children will be picking up litter at Sembawang Beach. Parents and teachers will also be involved.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Marsiling Blk 339

Down Memory Lane with Mountbatten

Our centre will be putting up a photo exhibition with photos from the children and parents. Photos will be displayed according to different cultures. Parents and children will be in charge of the tour of the photo exhibition and visitors will be charged $2 per entry. A stall with a sealed container will be located at the entrance of the gallery and supervised by 2 parents. Buyers information will be recorded and signed and all money collected at the end of the day will be monitored by centre staff.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Mountbatten Blk 51

Giving Back to the Society

The children will be conducting a day visit to an Elderly Home. Aside from bringing special gifts to the residents, the children will also put up a performance and engage the elderly through activities.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Nee Soon Central Blk 646

Donation Drive

The objective of the project is to provide an enriching learning experience with a social cause for the children. It also aims to foster partnership between the schools and parents to provide a more holistic programme for the children.

There will be 3 phases for our project. In phase 1, the children will be selling donated items by parents in a jumble sale within the preschool premises. This sale will be open to parents and members of the public and include storybooks, toys, clothes, bags, accessories. In phase 2, the children will make handicrafts for sale in a gallery-like setting in the preschool. The children will also design leaflets to invite parents to participate in both sale events. The leaflets will also be posted on notice boards at nearby blocks (with permission from relevant authorities) to invite members of the public to participate. In phase 3, a ceremony will be organised for the children to present their donations and put up a performance for their beneficiary of choice.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Pasir Ris Blk 412

Appreciating Our Pioneers

In line with our IGP project, Singapore's Little Treasures @National Museum of Singapore, the children will put up a mini kompang ensemble for the seniors from an Elder Care Centre. The children will also engage the seniors in a Sari tying demonstration. Prior to the visit, the children will also create a collage/ artwork of their exploration as a token to be presented to the Elder Care Centre at the end of the visit.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Pasir Ris East Blk 426

Pledge Activity

The children will be involved in a pledging activity to contribute back to the community.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Paya Lebar Blk 221

Fund Raising via Carnival Approach

1) Bake sale: The children will be baking cookies/ cupcakes/ cakes and designing them using icing for sale. The children will also be making popcorn for sale.

2) Flea Market: The children will be creating masterpieces through painting and drawing for sale

3) Photo booth: The children will be designing a background and props for the photo booth. All polaroids will be sold.

4) Raising awareness booth: Children will be designing pamphlets for raising awareness on animal adoption, animal in captivity or children in need.

5) Donation Drive: Parents will donate the children's pre-loved clothes and books for sale.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Paya Lebar Blk 221

Our Singapore River

The children will be creating a 3D structure of how Singapore River looked in the past and present together with their parents. Through this project, we hope to introduce to the children more about the Singapore River and its history. We will also take this opportunity to talk about our first Prime Minister, who played an important role in making the river clean. The children will also be brought for a River ride.

Recycled materials will be used for this project and the final product can be viewed by residents. The centre will set-up a corner (Reuse, Reduce and Recycle) to collect the recycled items and parents will be invited to contribute the recycled materials. The children will also make items with these recycled materials as gifts to children from a special needs school.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Punggol East Blk 194

Celebrating Diversity

Fund Raising - Children and Teachers work with recycled materials to convert junk to treasure. Items will be sold during "Celebrating Diversity" Event.

Celebrating Diversity Event will be held during Racial Harmony Week at Queenstown Neighbourhood, where elderly will be invited to participate in activities conducted by parents, teachers and children. The event will consist of a fashion show to showcase each family's cultural uniqueness, cultural dance items by children and station displays on various ethnic groups.

Funds raised will be used during Shopping Partners Day, as part of the SG50 celebration. Each elderly will be paired with a parent and child to shop for their daily necessities within given budget.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Queenstown Blk 53A/54/3

RM21 Community Builders

We wish to raise awareness and engage children on the different ways that they can be a community builder - someone who cares for their community. Various activities will be planned for the children as follows -

(i) Litter-free Radin Mas: each level will be assigned an area in the neighbourhood fortnightly. Armed with plastic bags, gloves and tongs, children will go around the neighbourhood to clear up any litter they find.

(ii) Radin Mas Recycling Project (every week): boxes for recyclable or reusable items will be placed outside the school every Friday for parents/children to place their clean, old items in it.

(iii) Visits to an elderly care and children's home: in conduction with the recycling project above, once enough materials are collected, these will then be sorted out and will be given out to the elderly care / children's home.

(iv) I CAN help my family!: booklets with various ways on how children can help their family at home will be distributed before the June Holidays. Children/Parents can fill up the booklet when help was given at home by the children during the holidays.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Radin Mas Blk 21

Guiding Lights

The aim of the project is to teach young children values on how to respect and appreciate the elderly who have contributed to the development of our society. The children will apply the skills and knowledge from their IGP project, "The Electric Corner", and create a wrist light as a token of appreciation for the elderly.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Sembawang Blk 755


The children will be preparing 3 recycling bins for the disposal of waste materials. The centre will be educating the children about the process of recycling. The children will be distributing brochures to the public to raise awareness for recycling and conducting a presentation to parents on recycling. Parents will be involved in bringing the recycling materials to educate the children o nwhat items can/ cannot be recycled.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Serangoon Blk 141


Children and teachers work together to make 3 recycling boxes for each class. Parents are informed about the project and they could pass the recycled items to the school. Children can participate in sorting the recycled items by disposing them into the respective labelled boxes. Our centre liaises with the rag-and-bone man to collect the recycled items from the centre. Teachers will request the rag-and-bone man to show the children where the recycled items go after the collection. The money raised from selling the recycled items will be donated to Community Chest.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Tampines North Blk 443

My Little Tots

This project aims to foster and nurture resilience in our children. Children will be collecting donations in kind (sundry items) from the parents. The collection will span over 3 months and all collected items will be donated to an elderly home. During the visit, the children will put up a performance for the seniors, engage with them and involve them in a photo-taking session.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Tampines North Blk 483

The Gift of Light

The centre will collaborate with parents to create models using recycled materials. The planning process will be conducted with parental involvement, penned down and submitted. The frame of the models will be made at home and the children will bring their completed models to the centre for insertion of wires and light bulbs. The centre will organise a mini-workshop for parents to officially light up their creation with their children. The children will also make mini models for children from Jamiyah Children's Home. The children from Jamiyah will also be presented with "the Gift of Light", a mini model that can be lit up.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Tampines West Blk 942

Touch a Life, Make a Difference

Through this project, we hope to raise awareness in the children that they can play a part in making a difference in other people's life regardless of age. They can give back to society through their own ways, be it services, messages or monetary. Children will feel a sense of accomplishment knowing that they are able to make a difference to people who are less fortunate and put a smile on their faces. Children will also gain awareness of their environment by spreading messages to save the Earth and encouraging the 3 Rs - Recycle, reduce, reuse.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Toa Payoh Central Blk 97

Share the Love, Spread the Joy

The children will visit the elderly during key events such as Chinese New Year. During Parents' Day/ Mothers' Day/ Fathers' Day, K1 and K2 children will be baking and cooking for the elderly with their teachers. Parents from our Parents Support Group will create and gather recipes for demonstration to the children. The event will provide a hands-on experience for the children.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Whampoa Blk 85

Coastal Cleanup

The children will visit Sembawang Beach to clean up the area. Talks will be conducted to raise awareness of the importance to keep the coastal areas clean. In conjunction with the IGP project, "Kitchen Science", the children will be creating 'electrical appliances' to be sold to parents. All proceeds raised will be donated.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Woodlands Blk 339

Start Small Dream Big

Teachers will raise awareness of acts of kindness to needy families. Teachers will discuss with children ways of helping the needy families like collection of canned food from the residents to donate to Food from the Heart.

Children will design pamphlets and posters to promote acts of kindness. Pamphlets will be focused on collecting canned food for the organization - Food from the Heart. Children will design bookmarks and thank you cards for the donors.

Teachers and parent support group will guide the children to give out the pamphlets door to door to promote the act of kindness and encourage residents to donate canned foods.

Children will tend the collection booth on the collection days.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Yew Tee  Blk 682 (KN)

Let's Bond with Our Pioneers

Our Pioneers are the starters of our nation today. Hence we would like to take this opportunity to bond with our pioneers to learn more from their spirit and love for the nation. The children will be visiting Bo Tien Day Activity for the Elderly. Parents will be encouraged to donate dry food items and clothes to the elderly, which will be packed into boxes and bags. The children will also put up a short performance for the elderly during snack time. The visit to Bo Tien will be a good opportunity for the children to interact with the elderly and gain insight of what their life experiences.

The children will also be conducting a neighbourhood cleanup at a nearby park or seaside to help children understand their responsibility in playing their part to keep Singapore clean and green.

Parents will also be encourages to capture snapshots of their children helping out at home.

- PCF Sparkletots Preschool @Zhenghua Blk 528

Reviving your Roots

The children will visit places like Lorong Buangkok or Pulau Ubin and the National Museum of Singapore to gain exposure to materials related to our heritage. Focus will be given to the names of the different items, how they are used and their origins.

The children will also learn how to cook simple dishes from our fore fathers' time. Focus will be given to the names of the ingredients and the process. Dishes will be served in traditional containers and utensils. The children will also spend time and share photos collected from the trips with seniors from a elderly home, while enjoying the dishes cooked by the children.

- Picket Fence @Tampines Pte Ltd

Building of Singapore: Past and Present

Our centre will put up an art exhibition to showcase Singapore's landscape from 1965 to the future. Our children, together with the children from Rainbow Centre, will build a 3D representation of Singapore's historic sites such as attap houses, kampong houses, the old Supreme Court, iconic structures such as the Esplanade, MBS, Singapore Flyer, Changi's Control Tower. The children will also create their perception of Singapore's futuristic buildings. The buildings will be sequentially ordered and placed at the foot of the board while the background will comprise of handprints of people who pledged for our cause - the "My Pals" project with children from Rainbow Centre.

- Preschool-By-The-Park Pte Ltd

Appreciating Diverse Community

Our centre will put up a mini concert for the seniors from an elderly home. Families will also prepare food from different cultures to serve to the seniors at the visit.

- Queenstown Good Shepherd Kindergarten

Then, Now, How?

The young and old will be brought together to celebrate Singapore's progress: past, present and into the future. It takes inspiration from commonly heard phases exchanged between young children and the elderly, "Back THEN, things were done differently." and "But NOW, things are done this way!"

Our children will visit an Elderly Home and present a traditional music performance. They will also interact with the residents and colour in postcards depicting Singapore 'then' and 'now'. We hope that these activities will make children more aware of the presence and needs of the elderly, inculcate a sense of responsibility and gratitude as well as encourage them to be kind and respectful towards their elders. The children will also gain a deper understanding of Singapore's history and pioneers that have contributed to building the privileges they enjoy today.

- Sherwood Childcare Pte Ltd

Kindle a Spark

This project aims to:

1) Allow children to express their love and care to the elderly from an Elderly Home.

2) Allow children to empathise with the elderly and needy in the community.

3) Create a bond between the children and elderly through fun activities and action songs

4) Help children develop compassion for the elderly by creating handmade cards and gifts.

- St Anne's Church Kindergarten

Knowing Singaporeans in 50 Days

Teachers and children will go into the community to meet the elderly. The teachers and children will brainstorm; discuss and decide what can be done to help a needy elderly person they meet. The children will take snap shots of Singaporeans they meet in the community. The photographs will be sold to the parents and the proceeds will be donated to the needy Singaporean(s) the children meet. The donations can be converted to vouchers or be used to purchase daily essentials for the needy.

- St James' Church Kindergarten (Leedon)

Mini Heritage Museum @ School

Our centre will create a mini-museum with pictures and photos of old Singapore. Children's artwork that depicts what they have learn from their heritage journey will also be showcased. Parents and grandparents will be invited to view the mini-museum.

- The Kids' Inn Joo Chiat

Kindergarteners with a HEART!

The children will spend a week where part of their curriculum will be used for baking, art and craft, and planting a terrarium. This will culminate in a walkathon around the school estate and end at the school premise where food and the above will be sold to parents and a mini carnival with games for the children.

We will garner support from parents to come with different food from their culture to sell as well. It will be held on Saturday, 25 May 2015.

- St. Anne's Church Kindergarten

I am a Little Entrepreneur

Parents and children will gather information and draft ideas on ways to create or procure merchandise for our fundraising event. The teachers and children create the products, plan the fundraising event, and arrange to present the funds to our beneficiary.

The project promotes children’s self-awareness of others in the community who are needy so that they can contribute to them, and allows children to be creative with ways to generate funds for the needy. It provides children an opportunity to experience the joy of giving.

- St James' Church Kindergarten

Kindle a Spark

This project is aimed at inculcating moral values in our younger generation such as love, care and concern through fun and meaningful activities.

This project includes the following objectives:

1) Children will be able to express their care and love to the elderly in the old folks' home.

2) Children will be able to empathize with the elderly within the community who are lonely and needy, etc...

3) Children will be able to create a bond with the elderly through fun activities and action songs.

4) Children will be able to develop compassion for the elderly by creating handmade cards and gifts.

- Skool4Kidz Pte Ltd (Woodlands Crescent)

Little Hands, Big Heart

Through the series of events planned for the year, children will learn to be appreciative and contribute in their own way to people around them especially the elderly and people / family with needs. Children contribute and play a part by being a good neighbour through the cleaning activities to mark Good Neighbour's Day in November.

- TOUCH Child Care & Family Centre (Clementi)

Little Hands, Big Heart

Through the series of events planned for the year, children will learn to be appreciative and contribute in their own way to people around them especially the elderly and people / family with needs. Children contribute and play a part by being a good neighbour through the cleaning activities to mark Good Neighbour's Day in November.

- TOUCH Child Care & Family Centre (Hougang)

Little Entrepreneur Programme

In this project, children’s learning is enriched as they are given first-hand experience and knowledge on how to think, work and manage a business like an entrepreneur. Children acquire many skills as they plan, operate and manage a little business in a realistic setting while building on their social skills. Children also learn social responsibility and the importance of helping the less fortunate when the funds that they have raised during this project are donated to Kinderland’s selected beneficiary.

- Kinderland Preschool, Ministry of Education
  Kinderland Preschool, Singapore Institute of Management
  Kinderland Preschool, Republic Polytechnic
  Kinderland Preschool, Singapore Polytechnic
  Kinderland Preschool, Ministry Of Manpower
  Kinderland Preschool, Revenue House
  Kinderland Preschool , Ministry of National Development
  Kinderland Preschool, Hougang
  Kinderland Preschool, Marine Parade
  Kinderalnd Preschool, Yio Chu Kang
  Kinderland Preschool, Sengkang
  Kinderland Kindergarten, Yio Chu Kang
  Kinderland Kindergarten, Serangoon
  Kinderland Kindergarten, Woodlands Civic Centre
  Nurturestars Child Care, Mount Faber
  Nurturestars Child Care, Tampines
  Nurturestrars Child Care, Jurong West
  Nurturestars Child Care, Yishun
  Nurturestars, Toa Payoh
  Elfa Preschool