KidsChat Mother Tongue Language (MTL) Edition


We're excited to launch the second edition of our “Shape Our Tomorrow – KidsChat” series! Hear from our curious preschoolers as they chat with their Mother Tongue Language (MTL) teachers about the fun cultural activities they do in class.

KidsChat MTL Edition Trailer


KidsChat with their Tamil Language Teacher

Through stories, visual aids, as well as music and movement activities, Kanageshwari Muthukumaran, Tamil language teacher of PCF Sparkletots @ Serangoon, nurtures her preschoolers' interest in the Tamil language!

KidsChat with their Chinese Language Teacher

Hear from teacher Tao Cuilan and her pre-schoolers on how their Chinese lessons are infused with cool technology, hand-made learning aids and fun games!

KidsChat with their Malay Language Teacher

From traditional kueh tasting, to nasi lemak wrapping and observing banana leaves in the community garden, watch preschoolers and their Malay language teacher, Nur Farhanah Bte Mohamed Zin of @Skool4Kidz Campus @ Yishun, chat about their fun Malay language and culture lessons.

KidsChat MTL Edition Bloopers


Let our adorable interviewees brighten up your day in this blooper reel!

Interested to become a Mother Tongue Language teacher? Find out more here.