ECDA Fellows Talk Series


The ECDA Fellows Talk Series is a collection of short videos on various topics delivered by our ECDA Fellows. We hope that these videos will inspire you in your early childhood journey!


Nurturing the Habit of Productive Questioning for Curious Little Minds

"We can create a safe space that encourages children to be curious, ask productive questions and take charge of their own learning. " - Ms Stella Pereira Vidya

Creating Child-Directed Play Opportunities for Purposeful Outdoor Learning

"The open-ended nature of outdoors offers an excellent context for a variety of play experiences." - Ms Kathryn Goy

Curriculum Modifications for Inclusive Preschool Education

"Curriculum modification does not mean drastic changes. These little steps to support children with learning needs can have a lasting impact in their lives." - Ms N. Kannigadevi

The World is Your Classroom

"Talking to children about the world can be a little uninspiring. Taking them out on an adventure might just work better." - Ms Ong Siew Teng

The Trusty Teacher’s Assistant

"The environment creates a sense of comfort for the children, and allows them to explore the world around them and get an understanding of what the world is like" – Ms Melissa Goh-Karssen

My Space - Innovation in Preschools

"Innovation requires us to constantly question why we do what we do." - Ms N. Pushpavalli

3Rs in the Early Years

"Just think, how do I usually talk or treat an older child, or even an adult? Then treat the young children in the same way." - Ms N. Thamarai

Focusing on a Child's Strengths through Learning Stories

"One of the unique features of Learning Stories is the focus on the strengths of each child, rather than deficits or what the child cannot do. Over time, this practice positively changes how educators relate to the child." - Dr Geraldine Teo-Zuzarte


Teaching Tamil as a Living Language

"Mother Tongue is not just a subject. It connects us to our cultural heritage and identity." - Mrs G. Padhmavathi Rajendran

Strengthening Roots

"Learning Mother Tongue not only gives you a second language to communicate in, but also gives you a deeper understanding of who you are." – Ms Suhana Salleh

Learning Together

"It is important for parents to be involved in cultivating a child’s love for the language" – Ms Chua Lay Mui


School Starter

"We need to build up their resilience in overcoming uncertainties in the face of challenges." – Ms Seri Rahayu

Journey Together

"When children see their most trusted adults treating one another respectfully, it helps them value a healthy relationship at a very young age." – Ms Zaiton Mohd Ali

Heart Work - Seeing Each Child's Individual Needs

"The hand that works hard, put it close to your heart and that makes a difference in a child's life." - Ms Shirley Tan

A Partnership between Educators and Families

"When children see important people in their lives working together, they learn that it's important to build healthy relationships." - Ms Christine Soo


Nurturing Place for All

"I believe it’s the centre’s responsibility to create a nurturing environment, not just for our children but for those teaching them as well." – Ms Sylvia Yeo

Sparking Change

"At the heart of it, every teacher wants to do great for the children, but sometimes, they just need a little bit of courage for the journey" – Mrs Hephzi See

The Leadership Journey

"Leaders need to have clear beliefs, strong values and sharp minds." - Dr Jacqueline Chung

Retaining Talent in Early Childhood

"Recruitment and Retention work hand in hand. Talent would only stay if we nurture, care and appreciate them." - Dr May See

Building Confidence through Mentoring

"When teachers are inspired and given opportunities to become mentors, they expand their influence, and build themselves and others up." - Ms Rebecca Han


Building Character within a Mouldable Heart

"Like shaping a clay pot, character takes time to develop before it becomes strong and beautiful. Everyone, from the teacher to the family, has a part to play." - Mrs Ang-Oh Chui Hwa

Empowering Independent Problem Solvers

"When we teach young children how to solve problems, they grow up to be more resilient, resourceful and ready to face any challenge." - Ms Ava Wang

Teaching Values through Storytelling

"Through music and art, children are encouraged to express their individuality and creativity, and more importantly, learn to respect one another." - Ms Dianne Swee-Seet

Learning Through Exciting Experiences

"Use things that excite both teachers and children, so that they can explore, discover and learn together." - Mrs Elsie Tan-Chua

Embracing Different Cultures From Young

"Teach children about diversity. Teach them the similarities among different cultures, model cultural harmony, and instil cultural appreciation through daily life." - Ms Tan Beng Luan

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The ECDA Fellows are pinnacle leaders in the early childhood sector. They work closely with ECDA to drive quality improvements to the sector. These include mentoring other early childhood professionals and developing sector-wide resources for professional development, curriculum leadership and sector partnerships.

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