Early Childhood Innovation Project Showcase 2022

​The Early Childhood Innovation Award recognises Early Childhood Development Centres (ECDCs) which have nurtured a culture of innovation and implemented innovative practices that have improved existing programmes, processes, or services in the centre. These practices support and benefit the children and the families.

These winning projects of the 2022 Early Childhood Innovation Award show us how centres can impact change through innovative, teaching & learning practices. Glean insights and take away strategies and practical tips to provide young children with enriching experiences in the early years.

View the 2022 innovation projects:


Chatsworth Preschool Pte Ltd (Piccadilly)
The making of a story for the inspired traveller
In 2021, when borders were still closed, we embarked on a project that merged two unrelated experiences - 'story creation' and 'learning about spaces'. The children had the opportunity to learn about the Singaporean culture and strengthen their national identity. We were inspired to create an original children's storybook about places in Singapore when we explored the island's hidden gems such as Kampung Buangkok, Yunnan Gardens and Hampstead Wetlands Reserve. The storybook was authored, illustrated, and designed by our children.

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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Changi Simei Blk 119
Transportation - Project Based
The "Transportation Project" provided children with opportunities to plan, organize and construct transport models using recycled materials. To facilitate this as well as equip children with 21st century thinking skills, children were introduced to different thinking models based on their developmental stages. The thinking models were as follows: Nursery 2 – Plan, Think and Do; Kindergarten 1- Adopt/Adapt, Blast-Off, Combine and Kindergarten 2 – SCAMPER.

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​PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Sengkang East Blk 143
Mystery Reader
The 'Mystery Reader' project helped bring stories alive! It allowed the children to fully immerse themselves in the stories and characters in the book. This approach enabled them to interact candidly with the Mystery Reader and participate actively during the storytelling sessions. The children engaged in lively discussions with the Mystery Reader and peers and created endless opportunities to spark their creativity and imagination.

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My First Skool @ Blk 180B Boon Lay Drive
Outdoor Learning about Pangolins & Otters!
​With the COVID-19 restrictions, the project “Outdoor Learning about Pangolins and Otters" was made possible by bringing learning indoors through music and movement, dramatisation, and technology (such as Chatterkid and Seesaw apps). This enabled the children to have a better awareness and understanding of local wildlife and conservation efforts. They were able to discuss the challenges that the animals faced (e.g., such as poaching activities) and brainstormed possible solutions to help spread conservation awareness to others (by creating posters and e-storybooks).

Teachers provided regular updates to families and actively engaged them through fun home learning activities, which further reinforced children's learning.

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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Radin Mas
Mud Glorious Mud
This project "Mud Glorious Mud" highlights the wonders and benefits of mud from developing children's language and communication and social-emotional development to decision-making and creativity. For a start, the children were fully involved in setting up their own Mud Kitchen. Facilitated by teachers, the children were given the autonomy and liberty to plan, design, and build their own play space. It was an empowering and enriching experience for the children.

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Riverlife Kindergarten
Outdoor Learning Centres
By extending the children's indoor learning to include the outdoor, they get to explore and experience a variety of learning centres such as 'Road Safety Park', an 'Ice-cream Stall', 'BBQ Stall', 'Water Play' and 'Sand Play'. These learning centres are periodically reviewed and changed.

Through the different learning centres, the children have more opportunities to experience more meaningful and varied peer interactions and are further able to strengthen and develop their social-emotional, language and cognitive skills.

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Little Seeds Preschool (Ascension)
O.L.E! Tool Cart (Outdoor Learning Exploration)
We wanted a tool cart that was handy for the children to maneuver outdoors and at the same time support their learning and development. Together with the children, we designed different compartments which could carry a range of play equipment and materials outdoors. This enables us to further enrich the children's learning experiences from day to day and class to class depending on their interest and topic of inquiry.

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E-Bridge Pre-School (Fernvale)
Let's Care and Connect
Our project aimed to advocate inclusion and embrace the diverse learners in our classrooms and provide them equitable learning opportunities. We also wanted to showcase how children with different learning abilities are able to work as a team to accomplish a variety of activities. This included a story creation in collaboration with Down Syndrome Association and an art exhibition with SOMOS International Preschool Japan. Through this, the children were able to exhibit their unique strengths and creativity.

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Kinderland Academy @ Yio Chu Kang
Young Master Builder
Our children constructed a “Sprayground Sprinkler" after learning about inventions and the principles behind stable structures. Children brainstormed, researched, and planned, drew project designs, selected materials, made prototypes and tested structures before assembling and constructing the sprinkler. These learning experiences enhanced children's social skills, resilience, and confidence as they worked to overcome challenges.

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Maple Bear Academy Pte Ltd
Maplebear's Makerspace
This project is about “curating" a space for both children and teachers to experience making and tinkering with loose parts such as toilet rolls, bottle caps and cardboard boxes amongst others. Art-making activities were constantly evolving which created a dynamic physical space for children and teachers to explore, experiment and collaborate. For example, in the city project, the Junior Kindy children worked together to build a city for their community to live, work and play using cardboard materials.​

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PCF Sparkletots Preschool @ Bukit Batok Blk 293
Art Outdoors
​The Art Outdoors programme provided children with opportunities to further spark their imagination and creativity. They were able to expand their awareness of art and connect art elements in nature. Numeracy concepts, digital technology, and social emotional skills were also integrated into the Art Outdoors programme. The children were also introduced to Singaporean artists to promote social and cultural awareness and an appreciation for local artistry as part of the programme.

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