Beanstalk Issue 6 (Jan - Mar 2015)

Issue 6 cover

In this issue of Beanstalk, we explore the benefits of play for young children and provide more tips on how parents and educators can support their child's learning and development through play. Read about the Early Childhood (EC) sector's accomplishments in 2014 and upcoming plans for 2015! Learn more about the new ECDA ITE Training Award and Advanced Diploma in Early Childhood Leadership (ADECL), SPARK re-certification and the green sanctuary for children's learning - Jacob Ballas Children's Garden!


  1. COVER STORY - The Seriousness of Play, Putting the Joy of Play into Learning
  2. EC LANDSCAPE - Taking Stock & Looking Forward, Young & Charitable
  3. IN THE NEWS - Educating the Educators
  4. MY TEACHER, MY SCHOOL - Ready for Reading
  5. GIVING KUDOS - Even More Sparkle
  6. INNOVATION & RESEARCH - Little Olympians Lead the Way
  7. THRIVE - A World of Play, Playing to Learn - Learning to Play, Eat a 'Happy Cow'!Get Crafty
  9. LIFESTYLE - Game for This?
  10. FUN TIMES - Let's Play Outside!

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Issue 6 cover