Beanstalk Issue 5 (Oct - Dec 2014)

Cover page Beanstalk issue 5

In this issue of Beanstalk, we feature the highlights of the ECDA Early Childhood Conference 2014 and winners of the ECDA Excellence in Early Childhood Development Awards. Discover exciting new announcements and opportunities for the early childhood sector and learn about new ideas and activities for children this school holidays!


  1. COVER STORY - Press 'Play'
  2. IN THE NEWS - More is More
  3. EC LANDSCAPE - Expanding Leadership Opportunities
  4. MY TEACHER, MY SCHOOL - Leap of Faith, The Right Foundation
  5. INNOVATION & RESEARCH - Protectors Of The Planet
  6. GIVING KUDOS - Rewarding Excellence
  7. THRIVE - Acting OutCultivate Creativity, Star Light, Star BrightTalk to Me!
  9. LIFESTYLE - Refresh, Reconnect & Reboot!
  10. FUN TIMES - Let's Make Music!

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Cover page Beanstalk issue 5