Beanstalk Issue 38 (Jan - Mar 2023)

Breaking New Ground - Shaping Young Minds Through Innovative Thinking


1. EDITOR'S NOTE - Innovation Starts With You 

2. FOCUS - A Whole New World, Leading by Innovation
3. EC LANDSCAPE - Innovative by Design
4. MY TEACHER, MY SCHOOL - Breaking Down Boundaries, Quest to Learn, Building a Learning Culture
5. INNOVATION & RESEARCH - Muddy Matters, All Figured Out
7. THRIVE - Learn, Grow, Play
8. LEARN - Igniting the Creative Spark
9. GROW - On A Roll
10. PLAY - When Duty Calls
11. WELLNESS - 5 Ways to Instill a Growth Mindset
12. MAILBAG - We've Got Mail!
13. FUN TIMES - Think Out of the Box

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How are other educators embracing innovative mindsets in their classrooms? Check out how Mohammad Aizat Hashim, centre principal of Mosaic Preschool Eunos uses innovative techniques such as “bookless stories”, magic, and technology to engage his preschoolers effectively.