Beanstalk Issue 34 (Jan - Mar 2022)

Beanstalk Issue 34 Cover Image

Nurturing a Growth Mindset - Supporting children's well-being as they cope with transitions


  1. EDITOR'S NOTE -  Staying Well During Transitions
  2. FOCUS -  Growing In Times Of Change
  3. EC LANDSCAPE - Changes For The Better, Chasing School Blues Away
  4. MY TEACHER, MY SCHOOL -  Pursuing A PurposeA Decade Of SPARKTop Notch
  5. INNOVATION AND RESEARCH -  Digital EdgeFun With Transitions
  7. THRIVE - Future ProofJuice It UpBreathe Easy
  8. WELLNESS -  5 Tips To Raise A Kind Child
  9. MAILBAG -  We've Got Mail!
  10. FUN TIMES -  My Happy Place

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Beanstalk Issue 34 Cover Image 

Beanstalk Digital Extension

In this issue of the Beanstalk Magazine, ECDA Scholarship Recipient Ms Yvonne Law, challenges fellow EC educators to rest and recharge as part of the new #ECSelfCare101 Series. We also invited Ms Nancy Lee-Wong from Jenan Consulting to share some practical tips on how parents can support infants through their transitional milestones!

Yvonne and ECselfcare101 

Check out Ms Yvonne's #ECSelfCare101 challenge on our Beanstalk Instagram here!

Nancy and Infants transition for parents and tips 

Check out the tips provided by Ms Nancy Lee-Wong on how parents can support their infants through transitional milestones via our Facebook here!