Beanstalk Issue 12 (Jul - Sep 2016)

Beanstalk issue 12 Jul - Sep 16

In this issue of Beanstalk, we hear from child psychiatrist, Dr Jared Ng, early childhood professionals and parents as they explain how nutrition, physical activity and hygiene all contribute to the development of a healthy, well-rounded child! Gain tips on how to keep your child in tip-top health and how you can nurture a rich relationship with your child!

We also share a sneak preview about ECDA's upcoming Early Childhood Conference 2016 and coverage on the launch of our nation-wide initiative, Start Small Dream Big!


  1. COVER STORY - Brains and Brawn
  2. IN THE NEWS - Dreaming BigThank You, Teacher
  3. GIVING KUDOS - Staff Matters
  4. EC LANDSCAPE - A Good Start for Every ChildSupporting Aspirations of Pre-school Teachers
  5. MY TEACHER, MY SCHOOL - Nurturing a Learning Community; Encouraging the Love of Mandarin
  6. INNOVATION & RESEARCH - Hands UpCreative Synergy
  8. THRIVE - Eat Well, Move Well, Be WellPack a PunchTeachers' Day Treat
  9. LIFESTYLE - Happy Parents, Happy Children
  10. MAILBAG - We've Got Mail!
  11. FUN TIMES - Say 'Thank You' to Your Teacher
  12. EDITOR'S NOTE - Health Matters in the Early Years

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Beanstalk issue 12 Jul - Sep 16