Beanstalk Issue 11 (Apr - Jun 2016)

Apr to Jun 16 Cover

In this issue of Beanstalk, we hear from Early Childhood educators, parents and even a grandparent about raising virtuous children and why the early years are a critical period for shaping character and values.

Curious about how ECDA safeguards the quality of early childhood care and education in Singapore? Hear from a Licensing Officer as she shares about ECDA's licensing requirements for child care centres!


  1. COVER STORY - Sowing the Seeds of Character
  2. IN THE NEWS - Support for Future Leaders, ECDA Fellows Walk the Talk
  3. EC LANDSCAPE - Back to the Future
  4. MY TEACHER, MY SCHOOL - Valuing Children's Voice, Caring is Her Passion
  5. GIVING KUDOS - Going by the Book
  6. INNOVATION & RESEARCH - Less is More, It's All About Intent
  8. THRIVE - Getting an Expert OpinionActs of Kindness, Labour of LoveTo Dad with Love
  9. LIFESTYLE - Tipped for Success
  10. MAILBAG - We've Got Mail
  11. FUN TIMES - Clean Up the Park
  12. EDITOR'S NOTE - Placing Character at the Heart of the Early Years

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Apr to Jun 16 Cover