Be Brave, Be Curious, Just Like Children

Ms Murni Afifah is an ECDA Training Award Recipient and Early Childhood Educator from MY World Preschool 


Ms Murni Afifah
Be brave, be curious. Things might not always go our way, but don't be afraid to try and experiment new ways to learn and improve, just like children. ~ Murni Afifah, ECDA Training Award Recipient, Early Childhood Educator, M.Y World.

We may think that as educators, we are the ones teaching and nurturing the children every day. However, I soon realised that the children are also helping me in my learning process. Different children behave and respond differently. This encourages me to explore and develop new teaching strategies and gain deeper insights into how children learn and grow.


As a fresh early childhood educator, I was overwhelmed by the demands of my job. To overcome the challenges, I took the initiative to seek guidance and advice from experienced colleagues. They clarified my uncertainties and shared tips on how to better manage my role. Their generous sharing helped me tremendously in my learning curve and I was able to grasp the new concepts and skills more quickly and apply them in my teaching. By building rapport with my colleagues, I was able to adapt well to my new working environment and build my confidence progressively.

My job satisfaction comes from knowing that my teaching has a deep impact on the children and helps them develop healthily. When they apply and demonstrate what they learnt, I feel a deep sense of accomplishment. This motivates me to excel in my job especially during tough times. I take pride in my work and maintain an optimistic outlook in life. I believe that an early childhood educator should have a positive mindset in order to impart the zeal and joy for learning to her students.


I would advise those who are keen in entering the sector to take up the ECDA Training Award. The Award supported me financially, and provided professional development opportunities and learning resources too. The engagement sessions organised by ECDA also gave me opportunity to meet other professionals in the industry to share knowledge and new ideas and extend my network.

"Be brave, be curious. Things might not always go our way, but don't be afraid to try and experiment new ways to develop and improve, just like children."


This is my other advice to fellow early childhood educators. Nowadays, I experiment with new teaching methods and strategies to find out what works best for me and my children. I want to be a highly competent educator who practises strong partnership strategies with my students and their parents, as well as my colleagues to bring out the best in the children. When we understand the importance and value of our work, we gain the motivation and confidence to do our best.


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